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Celebrate Christmas with by singing ‘12 Days of Deletion’ with Broken Matt Hardy

In the teaser for next week’s Impact Wrestling, Broken Matt Hardy gets in the holiday spirit as only he can. It’s a scene we can all relate to - who hasn’t had their gardener/tactician/father-in-law have to cut off their trusty droid when he has one too many Puerto Rican eggnogs?

It also includes the first Broken Christmas Carol (which includes spoilers for “Total Nonstop Deletion”, if you haven’t watched it yet... in which case, do that here):

On the Twelfth day of Deletion, the Seven Dieties gave to me:

12 Delightful Green beans
11 Xylophones xyling
10 Spot Monkeys jumping
9 Ducks a-swimming
8 Scribes scribing
7 Glasses of coquito
6 Rockets glaring
5 Dilipidated boats
4 Twists of Fate
3 Checkmates
2 Premonitions of our fate


1 more brand new Hardy offspring

The last is part of a plug for this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, where the Broken One will “close the book on 2016” with Brother Nero before the Seven Dieties reveal the whether Reby’s having another King, or a Queen.

Yes, Matt is turning the announcement of his second child’s gender into an angle.

Merry Christmas.

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