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Wrestling fans did what we do best with Tiger Woods’ half-naked Santa pic... Photoshopped him into the nWo

So, for some reason, golfer Tiger Woods decided to Tweet out a shirtless pic of himself as something he, and his kids, allegedly, call “Mac Daddy Santa” yesterday (Dec. 22) afternoon.

That’s... well... that is what it is, I guess.

The important question, though, is what would we, as wrestling fans on the internet, do about it?

I bet you knew the answer even before you saw the headline to this post:

Now, the black and white motif of Mac Daddy Santa’s hat made the nWo jokes pretty obvious, forcing some to dig a little deeper. And those who did figured out that “no shirt” + “bleach blonde goatee” = 141 23 % chance of being Big Poppa Pump adjace:

Never change, wrestle-web.

Tiger... you do you, I suppose.

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