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CM Punk gave Cliff Compton his WWE title belt for Christmas (maybe)

His recent sarcastic comeback tease aside, CM Punk never seems to get tired of making sure everybody knows what he thinks of WWE. After all, he believes the company failed to properly showcase his talents, medically mistreated him and then spite-fired him on his wedding day. Even a non-”Sociopathic straight edge atheist sweetheart” would hold a grudge.

Here then, we think, is another example. Cliff Compton, himself a WWE-ex who held tag gold in the Aughts as Domino, Tweets that while helping Punk out in his storage unit, he came across the WWE title the Straight-Edge Superstar famously left Allstate Arena with after 2011’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV). It was, Compton says, just one of “a bunch of belts in a random box.”

“I just happened to grab this one. It was dusty,” he Tweeted.

The man who pinned John Cena, superkicked Alberto Del Rio and blew a kiss to Vince McMahon to claim the belt told Compton he could have it.

Many fans responded, including a lot of self-identified “belt marks” (something it seems safe to say Punk is not) who point out that the title Compton Tweeted is a replica. He says he hasn’t taken a picture of the one he found in storage (it’s in the trunk of his car; he plans to give it to his nephew for Christmas) this is just what came up when he Googled to find an image to Tweet.

Legit? Or just a holiday prank to work the internet?

I’m just grateful Cliff gave us something to post about as the holiday slowdown begins in earnest. Let us know what you think.

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