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Cageside Countdown Nomination Thread: Best Moments of 2016

2016. What a year, huh? It was a year.

While we can all agree that 2016 was an ugly, ugly year for the world at large, in the wrestling world, 2016 was... dare I say it... pretty good.

It was the year where all things were possible. A year when wrestlers appeared on the biggest shows of the year for multiple companies. A year when women’s wrestling was finally taken seriously. A year when independent wrestling was flourishing more than it ever had. A year when one man single-handedly bankrupted one of the biggest digital media organizations in the world. A year when a WWE Hall of Famer won the right to become the next President of the United States. It was a crazy ass year.

But what is the biggest wrestling moment of 2016?

We’re asking you that for the final Cageside Countdown of the year. But we will have rules to this, bah gawd.

  • First, especially if you're late to the thread, kindly use CTRL-F or CMD-F to search for a moment you intend to nominate before nominating it. Only the recs for the first nomination will count. Repeat nominations of the same moment's recs will not count.
  • Now that we got that out of the way, here are the rest of the rules: any moment in wrestling, no matter how big or small a company, is eligible. However, if you intend to nominate a moment from a smaller fed (i.e. not WWE, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, or New Japan Pro Wrestling), you should at least accompany a video, picture, or a detailed description of the moment. You really, really, really should. Even if you do, including a pic, video, or a description's a good idea anyway. Don't assume everyone knows what you're talking about. That pic, video, or description can make the difference between making the countdown and missing the cut.
  • Matches, moments, even backstage shenanigans and news stories are eligible for the countdown, as long as they've happened in 2016.
  • If your moment passes the smell test, then kindly do the following: subject box: write Nominate - your 2016 moment here. Comment box: a pic, video, description, SOMETHING. Don't be lazy.
  • See something you agree with? Give it a rec, that's how the countdown's made.
  • As always, it's okay to disagree, it's not okay to flame. Respect the house rules.

Nominations close at 12:01am CT Wednesday, with the countdown to go up New Year’s Eve. Or January 2 at the latest. Happy remembering!

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