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Lucha Underground results, live blog (Dec. 21, 2016): The Battle of the Bulls

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of Lucha Underground in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on El Rey Network.

Here, we’ll keep you up on of all the happenings in Boyle Heights here while the show airs. Later, you’ll get a regular reactions post. In addition to a way for folks to keep up, this space is for you to rave and/or bitch about whatever goes down at The Temple - during the initial broadcast!

El Rey is available via the cable and satellite providers list on their webpage here. If one of those is your hook-up and you can't find the channel on your box, reach out to them and ask for it. If you don't see your provider listed or you've cut the cord, you can find El Rey on the Sling streaming subscription service here and here. Or you can order the episodes on iTunes here.

NOTE: Spoilers are out there for these pre-taped broadcast, but many Cagesiders don't partake. If you are going to post or discuss spoilers for this show before they happen, or results of future shows, please use the spoiler bar in your comment.



Alright, folks, let's Lucha!

PJ Black vs. the Mack vs. Cage vs. Jeremiah Crane in the Battle of the Bulls finale

This is an elimination match.

Starts with every one locking up at once. And Cage able to pull two of them together and kick the third. It takes both Crane and PJ to take Cage down but then both took each other down. This allows Mack to come in and get involved, including a drop toe hold on crane into the nuts of PJ Black and then a moonsault onto both of them.

Crane slapped Mack, which pissed him off. But he caught the Mack’s kick, corkscrewed the leg, and took the big man down. Then he flew out at PJ Black. But now Mack is up with a Tope Con Giro on both of them! Cage not to be outdone gets a tope con giro on top of all three! And then the Dareworf does a spring board moonsault on those down.

However, when he goes for a kick from the apron on Crane, Crane catches Blac in the Eletctric Chair and drops him on the apron. But when Crane jumps at Cage, the big dude just catches him with a suplex.

In the ring, Mack gets Cage in the Electric Chair and PJ goes for the Doomsday but Cage catches hm into a powerslam! Holy hell! Cage is on fire here!

Crane tries to take it to Cage and finally hits in a Dragon Sleeper! But Cage reverses it into a spinning sides lam. As Cage is owning things, Texano comes in and hits him and all 3 other men hit their moves and PJ black pins him.

Cage is eliminated

LU goes to break and comes back with Crane in control of PJ Black. Mack is outside.

Mack makes his way back into the ring and he and crane battle on the top rope. Crane goes for a sunset flip but can’t bring Mack down. So he hits with a superkick. He hits Mack with a sitdown powerbomb and turns it into his leg submission. PJ tried to roll up Crane during that but Jeremiah kicks out.

Crane drops PJ with a DVD and hits the Cranial Contusion but PJ rolls out of the ring to avoid pinfall. Mack takes the opportunity start taking it to Mack.

Former WCW champion David Arquette is in the crowd.

Mack and Crane are back up on the top rope and Mack hits a stunner from the top! 1-2-3!

Crane is eliminated

Back from commercial and Black and Mack are trading blows in the ring. Black hits a stunner on Mack, who no sells it and hits a stunner of his own for a quick 1-2-3.

PJ Black is eliminated

Mack wins the Battle of the Bulls


Fenix and Aerostar are checking out some bathroom stalls, likely looking for Drogo. Kobra Moon enters and tells them he’s gone home to her tribe. Aerostar said he’d never do that. He vowed not to a thousand years ago. Her Generals comes in and the three Kobra tribe members beat up Aerostar and Fenix, who put up a decent fight.

She says next time it’ll be her Drago who leaves them for dead.


Sexy Star is in the locker room when Mack comes in. Mack comes in and she’s super excited that he won the Battle of Bulls. He tells her it’s time for her to beat Johnny Mundo’s sorry ass to become the first two time champion. But he’ll e sad to take that title from her. As they leave, there’s a spier walking across the floor.


In Dario Cueto’s office, he’s speaking to Jeremiah Crane who is asking for a match. Crane sets up a chair and removes a tile of Dario’s ceiling. He takes something from there that “he left when he was a kid.” As he’s walking down the hall, the lights flicker and Catrina arrives. He tells her he has a match with “Pasquale Mendoza” where he’ll make him wish she let him die in that Earthquake and he’ll have her all to himself.


Sexy Star vs. Johnny Mundo (c) in a cage for the Lucha Underground championship

Worldwide Underground has been banned from ringside.

Johnny spits in her face to start it off and she responds with a slap.

Johnny calls for a test of strength which he immediate takes the advantage with. He tries to escape. Sexy pulls him down and his face bounces off the rope. She lays a quick beating on Mundo and tries to escape herself. Johnny catches her by the leg and pulls her down.

He then starts raking her face against the cage. She is able to knock him down and quickly scales the cage, climbing away from him as he follows her. He catches her again and starts pulling her leg. She decides to jump down into a rana and then a drop kick to put Johnny down. She immediately starts climbing the cage again. Once again, Mundo is up to catch her.

They start fighting on the top rope. She knocks him down and he gets crotched. She uses his back to try to vault herself over but he is able to catch her leg that is still in the cage.

Johnny pulls her down and hits a spinning backbreaker for a 2 count. Mundo gets Star in a firemans and starts running her headfirst into the cage before just dropping her on the mat.

Mundo is in clear control. He hits an enziguri and starts climbing the cage but now it’s Sexy’s turn to catch the leg. She is able to hit him with a powerbomb for a 2 count. She hits a leg drop for another 2 count.

Sexy is climbing up and is almost completely over the top but Mudno grabs one leg. She kicks him down but instead of climbing out she stands on top of the cage and hits a crossbody! 2 count!

Sexy is back to scaling the cage and Johnny is up on the top rope preventing her from going over. Now they are both straddling the top of the cage as they trade blows. He’s completely over but his foot was caught and Sexy was able to pull him back into the ring by the hair.

Both competitors fight on the top rope with Sexy trading chops and kicks. Johnny takes Sexy’s mask. As she regroups, he’s able to scale the cage in escape.

Johnny Cage wins by escaping the cage

The crowd is not happy with Johnny.

As he’s celebrating on the top of the stairs, Mack comes out and hits him with a Stunner! He holds the title up as Sexy gives him the heart sign.


Drago is chained up next to the Kobra throne. Kobra Moon asks if he’s ready to call her queen, which he’s not. He screams and fire comes out of his mouth.


That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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