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'Welcome to Slamtown' - Johnny Mundo's latest masterpiece

Between working on his abs and preparing for his upcoming cage match championship defense against Sexy Star in Lucha Underground, Johnny Mundo found time to pen a gem. The musical Picasso laid down a slamming track with his instrumental know-how of the guitar, drums, accordion, violin, cello, and fist pumping melodies.

Here are the lyrics as best as I could understand. Hopefully, I didn't drag them down to a 9/10.

Welcome to Slamtown!
You're going down, going down, going down, going down.
This is my world, it's my domain,
You're all just here to entertain.
I make the rules,
I am the king,
You try but I will always win.
I'm what you're waiting for,
The American luchador.
I've climbed the mountain, earned the fame,
The crowd is screaming out my name.

If you desire to walk into the fire,
Welcome to Slamtown!

I am the center, I'm the soul,
You're all just under my control.
Inside the ropes, under the lights,
You will be fighting for your life.
I am the main attraction,
You're just here for distraction.
Step in the ring,
Just understand, I'm number one,
I am the maaaNNNNNNN.

If you desire to walk into the fire,
Welcome to Slamtown!
Welcome to Slamtown!
Welcome to Slamtown!

Welcome to Slamtown, b*tches.

The style definitely fits Mundo's character. The more I listened to copy down the lyrics, the song started to grow on me. The ending chorus gets me pumped in a cheesy kind of way. There is a very good chance this song gets stuck in my head. Welcome to Slamtown! Plus, the entertaining banter before and after his tune makes his music video even more chingonsisimo.

How does Johnny Mundo's new jam rank among other wrestler sung ditties?

Welcome to Slamtown!

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