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Broken Matt Hardy announces plans to come to Ring of Honor and DELETE the Young Bucks

2016 has less than a month left, but it still has a few surprises for us, wrestling fans.

Case in point... at the end of a Young Bucks vs. Briscoes tag title match at Ring of Honor (ROH) Final Battle in New York City tonight (Dec. 2) that was pretty much everything you’d hope or fear a Matt & Nick vs. Jay & Mark bout would be, the Bucks were just beginning to celebrate retaining their ROH Tag titles when a certain Broken individual appeared on the big screen.

Yep, TNA tag champ Matt Hardy had a message for both teams. He and the nefarious Brother Nero are coming to the Honorable Ring so they can "can render you ramshackle rednecks and you spot monkeys OBSOLETE!"

As the Hammerstein Ballroom exploded for, like, the millioneth time on Friday night, Matt closed by saying the Broken Brothers will you-know-what the Bucks title reign...

No word on when this may go down, and fans are already speculating this might be a quid-pro-quo appearance for the Jacksons and/or Briscoes possibly having taken part in TNA’s “Total Nonstop Deletion” special which was filmed last month in Cameron, North Carolina and which will air on POP TV on Dec. 15.

2016 ain’t done with us yet.

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