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ESPN & New York radio personality Peter Rosenberg makes his WWE debut on the TLC Kickoff

Whether it’s because of his occassional interviews with wrestlers in New York, where’s he’s co-host of Hot 97’s morning show, Ebro in the Morning, and ESPN radio’s The Michael Kay Show, or his work on Grantland-turned-ESPN podcast Cheap Heat, many pro graps fans are familiar with Peter Rosenberg. And more are about to get to know him this Sunday on WWE Network’s TLC Kickoff pre-show.

As he announced on his Instagram, and WWE confirmed a short time later, Rosenberg will make his WWE debut as a panelist along with Renee Young and Booker T prior to the Dec. 4 pay-per-view (PPV) in Dallas:

Seems like a cool thing for a long-time fan, and a smart move for WWE to strengthen their ESPN connection and give Rosenberg an excuse to mention sports entertainment more in his other gigs.

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