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PWG claims that they didn’t pay off other promotions to use already booked talent

Well, they would say that...

Is Matt Riddle to blame for his no-show? I don’t think so.
Zeke Dane

On Friday night, Pro Wrestling Guerilla (PWG) held their last show of the year, Mystery Vortex, which had the unique concept of having only one match announced in advance, PWG champion Zack Sabre Jr. vs. “The Villain” Marty Scurll. The other participants on the event were kept a total secret, which led to minor controversy, as several wrestlers missed bookings on other shows that they had previously agreed to make.

Most notably, former Ring of Honor star ACH missed a booking with VIP Wrestling in Dallas, Texas that Friday night, whilst the next day, indy wrestling’s rising phenom Matt Riddle was forced to miss a Preston City Wrestling (PCW) event in Bradford, England, as it would have been impossible for him to travel from the West Coast of America to Yorkshire in time.

This led to credible rumours that PWG, who apparently got a kick out of doing a show announcing only one match and still selling out the intimate Van Nuys Armory in minutes, had paid off the other promoters involved in order to book these wrestlers on their own show whilst keeping everyone’s silence to ensure no surprises were spoiled.

In response to these rumours becoming public, PWG has forcefully denied them on Twitter, claiming that they hadn’t asked anyone to no-show other events and most certainly hadn’t conspired with other promoters in the process:

This could be as it seems on the surface, a promotion simply defending itself against false allegations. Alternatively, PWG could have been upset over the truth leaking out and looking bad in the process, so they decided to tweet what they tweeted, throwing their talent under a bus in the process. Hopefully it’s not the latter, but given that the scruples of indy wrestling promoters aren’t always the greatest, as demonstrated here by PCW inexplicably failing to announce Riddle’s non-appearance even after they knew he wouldn't turn up, who knows for sure?

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