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WWE Roadblock: End of the Line results: Kevin Owens retains thanks to Chris Jericho, then they get destroyed by two-thirds of the Shield

But was it all part of the plan?

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Roadblock’s Universal title main event had a couple challenges on its plate.

One, it had to follow an emotional Iron Man match. Two, it was lead into by a retrospective on the disintegration of Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho’s best friendship.

It was clearly on the champion’s mind. The announcers talked up Owens being distracted, and there seemed to be something a little different about his customary breaks on the outside during the early going.

But he managed to set his emotions aside and get things back together, and brought Reigns neck first down on the barricade to take control. Then he stayed on top to deliver the match to chinlock city. But Roman, of course, fought out.

Both men traded big shots and moves, including some of their signature spots (for instance when KO turned a Superman punch into a DDT and did the Big Dog’s war cry before a cannonball only to have Reigns respond immediately with a Superman punch).

The champ rolled out before a Spear, but ate a Drive-By on the apron. Owens answered, putting Reigns on the announce table, hitting him with not one, but two Frog Splashes to break the desk.

Roman barely beat a ten count there, and ran right into a THIRD Frog Splash... but kicked out at two. A sitout Powerbomb by the challenger led to another nearfall, and Reigns managed to get his foot on the rope following KO’s Pop-Up Powerbomb finisher.

A frustrated Owens went for his title, and while the ref tried to take it from him, Reigns hit the Spear! But the United States champ was too exhausted to cover, and here came Jericho!

Y2J stared at Reigns, but then hit Owens with a Codebreaker. That caused the disqualification, and allowed KO to retain. He looked surprised, but didn’t argue when he shared a hug with his best friend.

But as they celebrated, Seth Rollins, who’d beaten Jericho earlier in the evening, appeared. And we got some more of the Shield reunion which started at Tribute to the Troops, as two-thirds of the Hounds of Justice powerbombed both members of JeriKO through announce tables.

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