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Charlotte and Sasha should main event WWE Roadblock: End of the Line

Thursday’s Rude Awakening includes the main of Roadblock 2.0, a brand new WWE tournament and title, and another shot for Cesaro and Sheamus.

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As far as we can tell, the main event of Roadblock: End of the Line is going to feature Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship. That might be acceptable should the United States Championship also be on the line, but it’s just the big red strap up for grabs. Given that, there’s no reason for Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair to have the first women’s Iron Man match in main roster history as a secondary main. WWE has already broken the seal here, having Sasha and Charlotte main event Hell in a Cell, and they should do so again here with the final match of the top feud the brand has going.

Owens’ primary story line is his bubbling feud with former best friend Chris Jericho. Reigns is already US champ and has never been one to be held back from an opportunity, so this feud just sort of exists within a larger story that’s being told. That’s good and all, and said story has been enjoyable, but it’s secondary to what Sasha and Charlotte have been doing for months now, trading back the RAW Women’s Championship in a feud that’s seen the violence and stakes rise throughout. Hell, the subtitle of Roadblock is "End of the Line," and this is the admitted last bout the two will have against each other in this specific instance of their feud: what’s more fitting than letting the titular End of the Line match be the end of the show?

It’s possible Reigns is going to win and become a double champion, and they’re concerned about the fan reaction to that moment existing anywhere besides the very end of the show. It’s also possible that they’re concerned about their treatment of the still-new Universal Championship, which has been secondary (or worse) to every wrestler and feud it’s been attached to for some time now. The last, least pessimistic thought is that the ending of this match will do a lot more to drag people to their televisions again on Monday for RAW: Charlotte vs. Sasha is the end of the feud, not necessarily the immediate start of something new. The final image of Roadblock, whether it’s interference or the final dissolution of JeriKO or something else we haven’t thought of, might be the real reason the Universal title match will go on last. If that’s the case, whatever is planned better be worth bumping the obvious, worthy choice.

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