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The guy who destroyed CM Punk in his first UFC fight thinks he’ll get destroyed in his second UFC fight

In the above chat with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani, Mickey Gall took a few questions about CM Punk in the midst of talking about his next fight, against Sage Northcutt at Saturday, Dec. 17’s UFC on FOX 22.

As you’ll recall, Gall defeated Punk in a one-sided bout at UFC 203 last September. The undefeated professional has given the former WWE champ props for taking his shot at entering professional mixed martial arts at the highest level as a then-37 year old.

But he didn’t think the two years of training Punk underwent to get ready for their match-up was enough to keep it from ending any way other than how it did. And he doesn’t think another UFC fight will go differently for the Straight-Edge One.

Gall continues to give him credit for his moxie, however...

I think he'll be dealt (with) the same way I dealt him. If he fights a UFC caliber guy, I think they'll do it in the same way.

So I think in hindsight, he probably should've taken some regional fights, amateur fighters, smaller shows. But I think that's ballsy of him to want to come back.

Even if its not the way he’d encourage his old opponent to go, Mickey does understands why UFC would bring Punk back. But he also thinks more UFC fights for the Chicago native increases the validity of complaints he’s hurting the sport:

...he's definitely going to help your pay-per-view and he brings that other audience. But for kinda the legitimacy of the sport, I think it may water it down a little bit.

Both Punk and his coach, Duke Roufus, think his second UFC bout is just around the corner.

Do you think he’ll fare any better? Will Dana White have to bring in someone of less than “UFC caliber” to give him a chance, and how would that impact the “legitimacy of the sport”?

And, as part of “that other audience”, would you tune in for Punk’s second shot at living the dream?

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