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Serpiente (a Lucha Underground preview)

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Sure, we’ve got the latest Battle of the Bulls fourway qualifier, and one of Killshot, Jeremiah Crane, Dante Fox or Mariposa will join Cage, Mack and a to-be-determined fourth person in the finals to fight the right to challenge champion Johnny Mundo. That should be dope, and further things between Fox and Killshot - a story that’s already produced some holy $#!+ moments this season.

UPDATE: LU just Tweeted out we’ll get the final BotB qualifer tonight, between Angelico, Jack Evans, Son of Havoc and PJ Black, too!

But, uh, Matanza has slipped Dario Cueto’s leash and is on the warpath. That’s kind of a terrifying big deal. The Monster’s target, Rey Mysterio, is set to meet with his mentee, El Dragon Azteca, Jr. on this episode. The Dragon allied himself with Black Lotus and her triad to send Pentagon Dark to the hospital (and Vampiro to the washroom to clean-up, but that’s another story). Wonder what those two could be talking about?

Sexy Star can continue to seek revenge on Mundo, thanks to a steel cage victory over PJ Black last week. But the El Rey network preview says she’s “the target of mind games” tonight. Like her path’s ever been easy...

Meanwhile, with her lizard people out looking for her tribe’s third general, Kobra Moon will have a “Reptilian Collision” with Drago. Whatever that entails, it sounds kind of messy.

We’ll find out at 8PM Eastern tonight, True Believers!

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