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Booker T confirms plans to run for mayor of Houston

The election is actually in 2019, not 2020 as he first teased, but otherwise, the WWE Hall of Famer is deadly serious about starting his political career leading the fourth biggest city in the United States.

Recently on my radio show, Heated Conversations, airing weekly on Houston's SportsRadio 610, I created headlines by stating my intentions to be the Mayor of Houston, Texas, by 2020. The media inquiries regarding my statement have been filled with questions about the sincerity of this announcement. I am happy to report that after great deliberation and with the counsel of my family and friends, I have indeed decided to run for the office of Mayor in the 2019 race.

My love for our city and my desire to be a positive change agent for Houston is not new, in fact, it has been a significant motivator in my life for decades. After losing my father before my first birthday and my mother at the age of thirteen, I was given no choice but to fight for survival. In my book, From Prison to Promise, I detailed the difficult moments of my youth, including struggling in poverty, and the choice I made to confront myself and subsequently rise above a life of crime and hopelessness.

The choices I have made have provided me with an opportunity to live a truly privileged life as a global personality for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., and have afforded me the honor of acting as an ambassador for our community. Houston, Texas, is my home and regardless of the city, state or country, I may find myself in around the world, I honor my bond with our community and represent Houston to the best of my ability.

I have experienced both sides of life, from living with rats and roaches to being a Hall of Famer at one of the largest global brands and publicly traded companies in the world. Today, I am successful small business owner building brands of my own and I believe in my heart that all Houstonians, regardless of their economic circumstances deserve the same opportunities to build a better life for themselves.

In the coming weeks and months ahead I will make additional announcements as necessary regarding my campaign and our team. I look forward to having a dialogue with the voters of Houston and if I am so privileged to serve, I will fight for them as hard as I have fought for myself and my family over the last 30 years.

Warm regards,

Booker T. Huffman

Can you dig that?

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