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Bray Wyatt is ready to face Broken Matt Hardy, but not at Total Nonstop Deletion

TNA tag champ Broken Matt Hardy geared up for his two hour special “Total Nonstop Deletion” episode of Impact Wrestling by Tweeted invites to WWE duos, past and present, during Raw last night (Dec. 12).

While there haven’t been responses from D-X, E & C (the retired TLC innovators, not the “lock one another out of the showers” guys) or E, Kofi & X - who are likely busy celebrating, a SmackDown titleholder did get back to the Broken One...

Bray Wyatt doesn’t make it sound like he’ll be loading up a truck with Randy Orton & Luke Harper to head to Cameron, North Carolina any time soon, though. Matt will have to bring Brother Nero, King Maxel, Rebecca, Senor Benjamin and the whole crew to SmackDown to fight the Wyatts.

Or wherever the Eater of Worlds’ compound is. You know, the one where he, Erick Rowan & Braun Strowman fought the Day of the New earlier this year...

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