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Alberto Del Rio Tweets clarification that he beat up a ninja turtle for touching Paige

Alberto Del Rio (Megan Elice Meadows)

Yesterday, we brought you the news of Alberto El Patron (fka Del Rio) getting into a one-sided fight at a luche libre show near Mexico City with a wrestler who portrays a ninja turtle-themed character.

Funnier writers than I have pointed out this is roughly four years after Alberto (in kayfabe) assaulted another beloved childhood figure when he ran down Santa Claus during the Christmas-themed Raw in 2012. El Patron wanted to make sure everyone’s aware that this latest incident is neither a storyline or a joke, however, and sent out the following Tweet clarifying the situation:

Which basically confirms everything which had been reported: either because the luchador who plays “Rafy” did touch Paige or something caused El Patron to believe he did, Alberto taught him a “lesson” with his fists.

On the one hand, yes, no one should be touching anyone else without their permission, and in an alpha male environment, it’s not shocking that someone doing so would lead to violence.

On the other, Paige and Del Rio sure seem to find themselves in violent situations which require clarification a lot, no?

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