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Alberto Del Rio allegedly beat up a ninja turtle in a backstage shoot fight

Just when you think things may have settled down in the Alberto Del Rio/El Patron & Paige world, or maybe we’re past the “drama” portion of their relationship...

In reporting we first saw from TheCubsFan, the person behind the excellent lucha libre resource, Lucha Blog, Del Rio & Paige were at the IWRG show at Arena Naucalpan just outside of Mexico City on Sunday night (Dec. 12) - probably to watch Alberto’s brother Guillermo Rodríguez (who wrestled in NXT as Memo Montenegro). He took photos with fans at the event and sat in the owner’s box for much of the show, but headed backstage at some point, likely after his brother’s match.

While in the locker room area, Del Rio got into a fight with a wrestler who works as Alan Xtreme, and as one of the Ninja Turtles faction, Rafy (one of three such groups working in Mexico because lucha is weird and wonderful and doesn’t much care about U.S. copyright law). No one is on record with what started the brawl, but “the story going around” is that Alberto thought Rafy touched Paige. Tensions rose quickly and things got physical, with the fight spilling out into the hallway that led to the ring area, where some fans saw the brawl... which is how it hit Facebook and social media.

Reports agree that Del Rio won what was a pretty one-sided fight with the much smaller wrestler. Rafy’s face was said to be pretty busted up, but he sent a Facebook message this morning saying he’s fine and asking fans to move on, per Lucha World’s Fredo Esparza.

Interestingly, Alberto was doing interviews with Mexico’s lucha press - the first time he’s done so since missing a scheduled appearance for AAA in October. As you’ll recall, the various stories surrounding why he missed Heroes Inmortales X basically boiled down to he got into a street fight when someone “disrespected” Paige.

Super Luchas coverage of the story also mentions that there was a jealousy-inspired backstage argument between Alberto and TNA’s Robbie E backstage at a World Wrestling Council (WWC) show in Puerto Rico last weekend, in case the pattern wasn’t clear.

He was also fired from his first run with WWE for putting his hands on an office employee who was said to have made racist jokes at his expense.

Thankfully it sounds like Rafi is okay. Paige’s WWE suspension ended last Friday, and she was expected to return to the company in a non-wrestling role, so perhaps they’ll be spending more time apart for a while and this is the last time we’ll have a report like this on the ex-WWE champ getting physical to protect his or his lady’s honor.

But I kind of doubt it.

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