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Bullet Club reveals their new member, the American Nightmare

The reports were correct.

Just prior to intermission at New Japan’s World Tag League Finals show in Miyagi on Sat. Dec. 10, 2017, Bullet Club leader Kenny Omega brought out his faction for the reveal of their newest member...

In words or images, the reveal touched on all his WWE gimmicks... discussing his legacy, refering to himself as “dashing”, cut scenes of him wearing his protective mask, saying he’s “the star who left them in the dust”.

While the video stuck to just calling him Cody or “the American Nightmare”, Omega did refer to him as Rhodes once (suck it, WWE). He also said we may have wished it was someone else, but things will change as this marks the beginning of phase two of the Bullet Club's Global takeover.

No official announcement as to when Cody will show up in New Japan, but this is one of their last major events before the annual Jan. 4 Tokyo Dome show. So it’s seems pretty obvious Rhodes will appear at WrestleKingdom 11 - their largest show of the year.


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