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Alberto Del Rio points out a pattern in how WWE handled his firing and the Sin Cara/Chris Jericho fight

According to reports, Sin Cara and Chris Jericho had an altercation on a tour bus this week. The fallout of the incident - at least as far as we’ve heard - is the luchador (real name Jorge Arias) will be headed to anger management treatment.

A fan on Twitter mentioned that Jericho wasn’t (allegedly) subjected to any consequences for his role in the fight, and Alberto El Patron quote-Tweeted him calling it “Classic WWE”. El Patron, who was known during his time with WWE as Alberto Del Rio, was let go after an incident where he got physical with an employee who made a racist joke about him:

Another fan pointed out that reports indicate Sin Cara was the first person to get physical in the altercation with Jericho. El Patron responded by calling the fan a “mark” and saying his point wasn’t about Arias or Jericho, but about the company “taking sides”:

The Tweets from Alberto could be in reference to comments many have made - that the bigger star with more tenure would be protected while the mid-card guy gets punished. It’s also said Sin Cara has been involved with multiple recent fights backstage, which could reasonably be seen as warranting some therapy.

But when Alberto left the company the first time, he referenced a pattern of what he felt was racially preferential treatment within WWE. This could also be his saying the treatment of Sin Cara & Chris Jericho is more of the same.

No one within WWE, including Jericho and Arias, have commented on this most recent incident or its fallout.

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