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Twitter shots fired in Survivor Series Intercontinental title feud

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Seeing as there’s an Intercontinental title match next Tuesday on the 900th episode of SmackDown, it’s not even a guarantee Dolph Ziggler will be the man wearing the belt and trying to keep it on Team Blue at Survivor Series on Nov. 20.

But if he is, this little Twitter exchange between the Show-Off and Sami Zayn, the guy set to try to win the belt in Toronto and take it back to Raw, ensured their match will include some ‘reality’ era bad blood:

On the one hand, I don’t love feuds where the wrestlers talk about notions outside of kayfabe like “outworking” each other.

On the other, if there’s anyone to throw that kind of talk at, it’s Mr. “Stealing the Show” himself.

Dolph didn’t respond, so he either decided to focus on he match on Nov. 15 against the Miz to make sure he’s on the Survivor Series card, or he conceded that battle to Sami.