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Kalisto to face Brian Kendrick at Survivor Series with title, future of the cruiserweight division at stake

Well, this is interesting.

Survivor Series has added an inter-brand cruiserweight title match. Kalisto, recently returned from injury, and someone everyone thought should be in the division for smaller acrobatic guys anyway, will represent SmackDown in a title match against the champ, Brian Kendrick.

The wrinkle is, if Kalisto wins, not only does he take the belt to Tuesday nights, but the whole division.

205 Live, the new WWE Network show dedicated to the smaller, (mostly) flippier guys, will film after SmackDown on Tuesdays. The division is also widely considered to be a bust on the flagship - whether due to lack of fan interest, poor presentation or both is a matter of much discussion - but a change of scenery might do Kendrick, Cedric Alexander, TJ Perkins, Rich Swann and the gang some good.

This also makes it seem more possible the Intercontinental title, set to be on the line when Dolph Ziggler faces Sami Zayn on Nov. 20 in Toronto, could change brands as well.

We’re getting some big stakes for the pay-per-view (PPV).

What do you think of the possibilities?

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