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Cageside Live! The 'Hey, Geno! Will you be our girl?' edition

It's been a while, but Mrosko's in the mood and I offered my signature "eh, sure, okay" when he announced we were returning on Twitter... so Cageside Live is back bay-bee!

For this week, anyway. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

WWE put on a show in Scotland yesterday, where they put together the rest of their side of the elimination tag matches at Survivor Series. We'll probably talk some and disagree a bit about that. But in case you've forgotten what this show is like in the month-plus we've been away... be ready for pretty much anything.

Tune in at 1:00PM Eastern (or whenever you can fit it into your schedule via YouTube or iTunes) to hear whatever we do end up coming up with, and to find out how long it will be before our next show.

If you do watch/listen live, shoot us your questions in the comments below or on Twitter... sometimes we even get to them!

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