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Cubs fan CM Punk trashes LeBron James for being on the Indians bandwagon

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The Chicago Cubs picked up a lot of new fans with their run to the World Series title last week. It’s part-and-parcel for any dominating team (and while the Cubs had to scratch and claw their way to a championship, their 2016 regular season run was really freaking good), or for a longtime underdog finally winning the big one (against anyone other than the Cubbies, the Indians probably would have received similar treatment).

One thing you can’t call CM Punk is bandwagoner, though. There are lots of names you can throw the Straight-Edged One’s way, but he is a Cubs (and most things Chicago) supporter from way back.

So it makes sense he and fellow celebrity fan John Cusack would get tapped to commentate the Cubs’ victory parade last Friday, Nov. 4. But if you didn’t know Punk, it probably seems weird that he took the opportunity to fire shots at LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers, as you can hear him do in the video above. Here’s what he said:

Let’s talk about LeBron James for a second, here. He’s a guy who was criticized because maybe six months ago, he was at an Indians game and he was wearing a Yankees hat. Proudly. He takes it off his head and he shows everybody. I don’t know what he’s thinking … To wear a Yankees hat while going to an Indians game, to me, is kind of crazy. Now all of a sudden, LeBron James is all “Cleveland against the world.”

Calling Ohio native and Cowboys & Yankees fan James out is nothing new, or unique to Punk. But dude! Your team just won and grown men are crying in the streets about it and stuff. Can you refrain from hurling pipebombs for a second?

Alas, Punk gonna Punk.

His follow-up point, however, is a good one - although I think it’s more on LeBron’s team, who decided it would be a good idea to be sore winners themselves by taking shots with a Halloween cake, of all things, at the Golden State Warriors, the team they beat in the NBA Finals by overcoming the same 3 - 1 deficit the Cubs had to to topple the Indians:

I think he kind of jinxed his team a little bit, because [the Cavs] went so hard in on the ‘Golden State blew the 3-1 lead.’ And then the Indians …

No one escapes karma.

H/T: With Spandex