The REC Awards! Oct. 30 - Nov. 5, 2016

Aside from a great week in wrestling, the Cubs finally won the World Series!

Halloween candy has been eaten, Hell in a Cell has been viewed, but the biggest news of all?

Dixie Carter is happy.

And that's all that matters, right?

Let's hand out some awards!



This was a great week for Hollywood Chris Hall. Great job sir!

Big moment booking torched Roman Reigns, Moment wrestling versus plot wrestling, You do have a choice

I still believe in Roman Reigns - by TheCertifiedGuy

An Odd Couple Done Right: A Case Study of Cutie and the Beast - by WWORDuke

The Big 'F You' That Wasn't: How 'Vince Derangement Syndrome' is Ruining History - by ctre6

The Sasha Banks conspiracy - by Undertaker's lost druid

What if Cesaro is the new Christian? - by Sean Rueter Chase Thomas


TonyM4C puts over the MLB's booking of the World Series.tumblr_og8jxdYDyq1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

randyrko3 sees just what 2016 has been able to do.tumblr_og8k4qIVCK1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

StoryArc provides a great set up for King Blueberry.tumblr_og8k7jDkQb1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

jackthehack has a great idea for really anything having to do with Raw (if you happen to hate Raw).tumblr_og8kc1l6xN1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

kmtierney says why recording Raw is unnecessary and Tonya Rodgers just being Tonya Rodgers.tumblr_og8khpj6yp1vf46h6o1_500h.0.jpg

MikeThePatsFan may have just figured out who's winning at Survivor Series.tumblr_og8kmq4ctI1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

Mine doesn't, WWORDuke!tumblr_og8kq3xKIJ1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

_nsmorgan has a ship name handy for Sasha and Charlotte continuing their feud.tumblr_og8ks7sGQ51vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

KingMonkeynuts knows what proper heel heat is.tumblr_og8kvaKTL01vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

Ben Tumbling tells us which two spots were taken out of Sasha and Charlotte's HiaC match.tumblr_og8kydPtSy1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

Tonya Rodgers speaks for Vince McMahon.tumblr_og8l60jPtR1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

Neither do we, ThePollux8.tumblr_og8l1qhi2E1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

Jaired K. Link has a romantic idea for Del Rio and Paige when they share a line of.... Pepsi.tumblr_og8m22xrLb1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

South of Heaven is HYPED for Smackdown Live with a special Undertaker appearance.tumblr_og8lj3sQiT1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

Because it was Halloween, John Cena dressed up as Nikki Bella and here are some comments on that image which will not leave our minds for quite a while. Good job everyone!

Summer of Swantontumblr_og8laexVNe1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpgThe Beast Incarnatetumblr_og8lcoQAhU1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpgKevin Kostkatumblr_og8ldl5cSw1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpgPrivateWeaseltumblr_og8lf4hJM61vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpgSouth of Heaventumblr_og8lgnn06I1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

After the Apocalypse, signor tells us who will remain.tumblr_og8lookw481vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

And KingMonkeynuts knows how to enjoy the Apocalypse.tumblr_og8lqvAnCv1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

KJ Gould describes James Ellsworth.tumblr_og8llfa18f1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg

And finally, The Notorious Eddie Mac tells Curt Hawkins to.... Face the Facts!tumblr_og8lt82ldE1vf46h6o1_1280.0.jpg


That's it for another great week of laughs and DELIGHTFUL fanposts from the Cageside community. See you next time, Cagesiders!

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