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Mickie James: Asuka is the complete package now

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Asuka has a fantastic interview with Mickie James where she gives a number of great quotes, including this one where she credits Asuka for being the complete package now that she made her way to the biggest pro wrestling company in the world:

“I think she’s fascinating. She has such an amazing presence. That’s one of those things you can’t teach people. Then, she gets it done in the ring. I know she had her own promotion in Japan and was very successful, so successful that she didn’t necessarily need come to WWE. But she’s smart enough to recognize that if she wanted to be the kind of star she wanted to be, like a household name, she had to come to WWE. I feel like she’s the complete package now, as a performer, artist and wrestler.”

My favorite quote, though, is this one, where she talks about how she’s getting ready for their match at NXT Takeover: Toronto on Nov. 19:

“I’ve been training differently than I ever have before. I’ve been doing a lot of high endurance workouts, to get my wind and strength up, to get that immediate, quick and intense movement going. I feel like I need to be fast on my feet because she’s pretty quick. I’ve also been sharpening my mat skills and submissions, so I can have a few different ways to get out of her holds. I know she has that mental game going on. That doesn’t scare me — I’m the queen of mental games.”

Can’t wait.

Again, the complete interview is well worth the time. Read it here.