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Lucha Underground recap (Nov. 2, 2016): Hey, Hey, Goodbye

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El Rey Network

Lucha Underground returned last night (Nov. 2, 2016) from the Temple in Boyle Heights with a big Loser Leaves Lucha match between Rey Myterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr.

You can find the results in the live blog here.

Na Na Na Na...

What a boss main event the Chavo vs. Rey Mysterio Loser Leaves Lucha match was last night.

I was weary of seeing this feud again, but Lucha Underground made it feel fresh and different. For one thing, Lucha Underground heavily plays up the history between the lucha families when it comes to their stories. So it wasn’t just about Mysterio’s grudge match with Chavo that has spanned decades. It was about the Guerrero family and their place in wrestling.

To drive that home, Chavo Classic (Chavo’s dad) was at ringside! And he proved the old adage “Like father like son” when he hit his own son over the head with a chair, busting him open, to disqualify Rey Mysterio. He decided to save his son by whacking him with a steel chair. Sounds like a Guerrero move.

Lucky for Rey, that’s not how things go down in the Temple. Dario Cueto exited his office and berated referee Marty Elias for even thinking of ending such a massive main event in a disqualification. El Jefe restarted it.

As soon as that happened, Rey delivered a drop toe hold to each Guerrero and delivered a double 619. However, Chavo wasn’t going down without a fight. He had been working over Rey’s bad leg (which he attacked weeks ago) throughout the match and locked in a single leg Boston Crab to make Rey suffer.

But Mysterio would not give up. He fought back and won with a 619/splash combo. And with that, Chavo is gone.

Now Rey is free to do what he’s there to do (which isn’t entirely clear) and Chavo has to ride off into the sunset.

What a great main event.

The Punishment Continues

Dario’s Dial of Doom was back again, possibly for the last time as in two weeks Matanza will have to defend his title in Aztec Warfare from spot number one. Tonight the dial landed on “Dario’s Choice” and the boss used the opportunity to enact some more punishment on the traitorous Cortez Castro, who is really an undercover cop. This is something that Cueto learned from Joey Ryan, who is a dirty traitor in his own right.

If you recall, Castro had his arm broken by Pentagon Dark from the last match that Dario booked for the former Crew member. That wasn’t too long ago as could be seen in the fact the arm was still in a cast last night.

Castro came to the ring with a kendo stick in his good hand, but tossed it aside before entering the ring so I don’t fully understand why he brought it out at all. He should have considered keeping it because he took some severe punishment from Matanza.

The champ started by stomping on Castro’s broken arm and then to make matters worse, he then ripped his arm from it’s set angle to straight, breaking the cast in the process. It was quite the brutal affair, with Cortez selling the brutality superbly with his screams of pain. While he got modicum of offense, it was the Wrath of the Gods to mercifully end the match.

This season has been a great reminder of how much of a evil man Dario really is. As for Cortez Castro, I can’t imagine what help he’s going to Captain Vasquez while he’s “undercover” in the Temple this time around. It just seems like he’s going to take a ton of punishment for little reward. But if he gets to take down that dirty Joey Ryan, who had a laugh at his partner’s misfortune with Dario afterwards, that may be completely worth it.

Mascarita’s Chance for Revenge

Son of Havoc defeat Dr. Wagner Jr. in a match with a big stipulation. Next week, Mascarita Sagrada will get a match against Famous B with a chance for revenge. The winner of tonight’s match got to pick the stipulation for next week’s match.

Mascarita whispered his idea into Havoc’s ear and it’s a doozy. It’s another Believer’s Backlash match but it’s not just fans just getting to whip Famous B with their belts. No that’s not absolutely ridiculous enough apparently. Mascarita added the fact that these fans can bring any weapons they want.

So I imagine next week, all these regular ol’ people are going to show up with irons, kitchen utensils, and whatever weapons they can find and punish Famous B. I hope there’s not an open carry policy in the Temple.

I’m extremely curious how this is going to play out. The Believer’s Backlash last year where Hernandez got belt whipped by a ton of people was risky enough. What does an “Any weapon goes?” stip look like?

Gravest Consequences!

After Vampiro played some mind games with Prince Puma, convincing the Prince that he needs to now defeat Mil Muertes in a Grave Consequences match to avenge Konnan, Prince Puma made the challenge.

And Catrina quickly accepted. This lead to a short brawl between Mil Muertes and Puma, but it’ll be nothing compared to what’s in store for next week! Next week!

I’m already excited. That’s three weeks of feud ending main events for Lucha Underground.

Heading into Aztec Warfare, which is LU’s big midseason event, they are closing up their big storylines with three big main events last week, this week, and next. It’s been a great run of Lucha Underground recently and tonight was no different. It’s like every week was a major show.

We’ll be back next week for Grave Consequences!