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Ric Flair: Brock Lesnar did Goldberg ‘the biggest favor I have seen in this business in a long time’ at Survivor Series

Brock Lesnar is a businessman. So it’s not too surprising he was willing to a take a loss to Goldberg at Survivor Series as part of a plan to make more money from future matches between the two wrestling icons.

But to get taken apart in under two minutes for his first totally clean loss in years? Against a 49 year old man who hadn’t taken a bump in a decade?

As Ric Flair pointed out on a recent edition of his podcast while discussing the main event between Brock and Goldberg in Toronto... that was generous:

Brock did him the biggest favor I have seen in this business in a long time. I mean, really, think about it. He just beat Brock Lesnar in a minute and 26 seconds, and convincingly. I mean, and they both look great, Bill looked to be in great shape.

My only concern was my worry of him being ready; not to faults of his own, but be ready to be bounced around by Brock, but he didn’t have to experience it, so I’m happy for both of them.

Some of what was shocking about their match on Nov. 20 was the outcome, because every fan in the world bought the notion this was a one-time payday for Goldberg, and another time-killing match in Suplex City for Brock. But it’s also surprising that, in a business where we hear about politics and talk about “protecting guys” in losses, Lesnar agreed to be defeated without getting in a single piece of offense.

While it was a big “favor”, it of course wasn’t completely selfless. In talking about the rematch or rematches Goldberg and Lesnar have set up going forward, Naitch explained:

It’s hard to figure out what goes through Brock’s mind, but it was great for Goldberg, and our favorite saying is “what’s good for business.” They will have a great rematch there; and I’ve talked to Bill and he wants to work some more.

They both are making a lot of money, especially Brock.

Brock Lesnar is a businessman. A really good one.

H/T: Wrestlezone for transcription

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