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John Cena lands starring role in new comedy movie

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Teen Choice Awards 2016 - Show Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Good thing AJ Styles took up the “Face that Runs the Place” mantle, because John Cena isn’t spending a whole lot of time around said place. And that could remain the case if we keep getting news items like this one.

According to Variety, Cena’s won a starring role in the new film The Pact, alongside Leslie Mann & Ike Barinholtz. The comedy, about three parents who learn their daughters made a pact to lose their virginities on prom night and try to interfere, is being produced by Point Grey Pictures - Seth Rogen’s production company.

This is great news for Cena’s Hollywood career, but probably not a good sign for WWE if they’re planning on having him around more often.

For one thing, the report indicates Cena’s landed a lead role. That’s a step up from his well-received supporting turn in Trainwreck, and it’s also a sign that the director of that film, and Hollywood comedy king, Judd Apatow wasn’t just blowing smoke when he praised Cena’s work. A big part in one of long-time Apatow collaborator Rogen’s movies (and co-starring Mann, who’s Apatow’s wife) is a sign they’re bringing the 15-time World champ into their troupe... which could keep him very busy in the film world.

Add that to his hosting work with American Grit, Today and others, and even a workaholic like Cena could have a hard time fitting wrestling into his schedule.

So... congrats, champ! We’ll be over here getting used to a WWE with less of you in it.