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Kenny Omega is fitting Cesaro for a Bullet Club shirt

While it’s true the “Cesaro is disgruntled on Raw” storyline that’s been running on social media (and the occassional post-show online exclusive interview) probably isn’t going anywhere no matter how much SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan tries to convice us it might, it’s one of the most participated in Twitter angles in recent memory.

Sure, we’ve seen wrestlers go back and forth with web beefs, but in addition to Bryan, Rusev and Sheamus have jumped in with humorous comments. And now we’ve got our first non-WWE wrestler to comment.

Kenny Omega is no stranger to inter-company fun. It doesn’t get as much play any more - probably because Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods aren’t the internet darlings they once were - but at one point, New Day vs. the Elite was a much wished for match.

The first non-Japanese G1 Climax winner took a break from preparing for his Wrestle Kingdom 11 main event title shot to get in on the “recruiting Cesaro” game:

Omega isn’t just wooing the Swiss Superman for New Japan Pro Wrestling, but for the Bullet Club, the faction he inherited/took from current WWE Superstars Finn Balor and AJ Styles.

Which is as interesting to think about as it is unlikely to happen.

There were rumors of Cesaro’s contract being up, but we’ve seen how WWE deals with Superstars who aren’t re-signing with the company (like Ryback) and it’s not by putting them in tag title matches on Raw.

But still, who doesn’t want to imagine Cesaro vs. Okada or Shibata?

Thanks to PRiNC3Y on DeviantArt for our header image.

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