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Cody Rhodes wins GFW title, proving Global Force Wrestling still exists

Don’t think this was on his famous checklist for life after WWE, but that’s probably because - like the rest of the wrestling world - Cody Rhodes probably wasn’t sure Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling (GFW) existed as anything beyond a way to get in on a multi-level marketing scheme.

Well, it apparently does, so Cody can alway write in “win NEX*GEN Championship”. And then he can cross it off, because he defeated Sonjay Dutt last night (Nov. 25, 2016) at the WrestleCade show in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to become the third person to hold that prestigious title.

Rhodes is the latest 30+ year old with a lengthy tenure at either TNA or WWE to hold the title (after Dutt and PJ “Justin Gabriel” Black), originally announced as focusing on “the stars of tomorrow”. But, hey, considering Jeff Jarrett’s promotion has disappeared from most folks’ radar since a busy 2015 which saw a GFW invasion angle on Impact Wrestling, and the filming of multiple episodes of a television show, Amped, which still haven’t aired anywhere... putting the belt on Cody at least gets the promotion some publicity.

And it’s better than the other time this year Double-J was able to get ink from the wrestling press... GLOBAL FORCE GOLD!

Cody gets some momentum heading into his pay-per-view (PPV) debut with Ring of Honor (ROH) next Friday, as he’ll defend the NEX*GEN title tonight in Edmonton, Alberta at Prairie Wrestling Alliance’s Christmas Slam.

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