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Lucha Underground Recap (Nov. 22, 2016): Good Times Don’t Last

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Lucha Underground returned last night (Nov. 22, 2016) from the Temple in Boyle Heights with Sexy Star’s first title match after winning the belt last week.

You can find all of the happenings at the live blog here.

Good Times Don’t Last

Welp, that didn’t last long.

Sexy Star lost her title to Johnny Mundo tonight when Johnny cashed in his Gift of the Gods championship. Of course, the rudo Mundo didn’t do it alone. He’s always got a plan to win no matter how underhanded.

While he controlled much of the match, Sexy was always going to fight back. It’s in her DNA. When the fight spilled to the outside, Johnny stole a crutch from a fan wearing a Sexy Star mask. He tried to use that crutch as a weapon but the champ ducked out of the way and grabbed the crutch for herself. She took a swing but it was then Johnny who avoided it.

Seeing this poor fan writhing in pain on the floor, before getting back into the ring Sexy had to check on her. She’s the light of Lucha Underground and it was the right thing to do. That’s in her DNA as well. Unfortunately, that was not fan. It was Taya.

Taya nailed Sexy Star with brass knuckles and it was elementary from there. Mundo hit the End of the World and Sexy’s reign ended in just one week.

Unfortunately, the Temple isn’t made for the pure of soul. It’s made for those who are willing to get their hands dirty, break the rules, and do whatever it takes. This Temple rewards dastardly and punishes integrity. It’s made for those who are willing to knife someone in the back. That’s not Sexy Star.

It’s much harder to function in the Temple for someone who wants to fight on the side of right. Johnny Mundo is a good fit. The boss may not like him, but not because they’re different but because they’re two sides of the same coin. They’re too alike. He may not like Mundo. But Dario Cueto respects him or at least his tactics.

Johnny Mundo is now the face of the Temple. He’ll be much harder to take the title from because he’ll do whatever it takes.


Former servicemen Dante Fox and Killshot had a match tonight. And it was awesome.

The story surrounding these two is that Killshot left Fox to die back in the army. The details are still vague and we don’t know how true that really is still. Is that just how Dante interprets it or is it how it went down? I expect there’s more story to unfold and this isn’t the last time these two go face to face.

And that’s perfectly fine by me because this match was off the charts. These guys flew all of the place that it was tough to keep up. There were multiple sequences where they’d use similar moves, highlighting that these two men know each other very well and most likely have the same training, which would make sense if they were in the army together.

Fox ended up picking up the win. It’s possible that Dante’s heart was into it more than Killshot, who still seems like he doesn’t want to have to fight his fellow brother. Dante, on the other hand, is full of rage, which his facial expressions showed throughout the match.

This probably isn’t over. Or maybe I’m just hoping that because I want to see these two fight at least one more time.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Well, it’s finally happened. After many a week of teasers, the White Rabbit Tribe finally debuted.

They consist of Paul London with a white jacket and top hat, Saltador (man in a black and white checkered bodysuit), and Mala Suerte ( aman in a black mask wearing a shirt that said “Do it like rabbits.”)

The new trio had a match against the trios champions for the championship. (Matt Striker explained that London’s reputation earned them this opportunity.) They did a lot of trippy dancing during their offense and there was some Paul London gyrating. Basically, these guys were trying to channel wrestling as if you were watching on your hallucinogenic of choice.

They ended up losing their debut match, which isn’t uncommon in the Temple. PJ Black lost a couple matches when he debuted. The Trios champs seem a bit without direction right now. The White Rabbit Tribe are new so we don’t know what their agenda is.

That’s what will decide their success. They have a cool vibe about them. Let’s see where they fit into the the Temple’s mythos.

Pentagon vs. the World

Dario Cueto made a match for Black Lotus. Pentagon Dark will have to face all three of the Lotus Triad next week in a gauntlet match. Whether he win or lose, Pentagon will have to face all three.

This’ll be interesting. Pentagon’s going to have his hands full for a while now.

Things keep moving in the world of Lucha Underground. Johnny Mundo finally has the Lucha Underground title, cheating his way to do it. It’s about time Johnny has the title. He’s been close to the top for awhile now and he’s finally reached it. Of course, he had to cheat to do it, but it’s Johnny Mundo. We can expect no less.

I was a bit disappointed by the White Rabbit debut. While LU loves to do it, I’m not the biggest fan of the debuting teams losing, especially after weeks of debut vignettes. While I don’t think they should have won the Trios titles night one (not that I would have been against it), it would have been nice to see them in a winning effort.

Next week should be fun with Pentagon running the Triad gauntlet. We’ll be back for that next week!