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Rusev’s savage response to Brock Lesnar getting beaten by Goldberg in 86 seconds at Survivor Series

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You’ll find a lot of shock in response to the outcome of Survivor Series main event, and more than a bit of outrage.

The man who gets Brock Lesnar next in (as far as we know right now) his follow-up to being owned by Goldberg in under two minutes on Nov. 20 had nothing but mocking laughter for the Beast Incarnate:

You’d think he’d have a little more empathy for Brock, seeing as he was also dispatched by Goldberg in short order just a few weeks ago.

But the Bulgarian Brute and the Anomaly have quite a bit of history, even if it’s mostly at house shows and online.

Rusev vs. Lesnar II is Dec. 3rd in Mexico City.