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See Randy Orton break character to check on Shane McMahon’s family at Survivor Series

As Geno pointed out earlier, there was a nice moment during a scary one at Survivor Series last night (Nov. 20). After Shane McMahon and Roman Reigns Coast2Coast-countered-into-a-Spear spot went awry, Randy Orton stopped pretending to be a guy the voices in his head just told to join a cult and became the dad and friend of the family he is.

You can see the brief exchange he has with Shane’s wife and one of his sons while the medical staff checks on McMahon in the ring in the GIF:

We’re still waiting for any word about McMahon’s condition, and keeping prayers and good thoughts for his health after what looked on screen like at least a concussion.

Whatever words Randy offered hopefully helped Shane’s family, and should help remind us these men & women are taking pretty big risks for our entertainment.

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