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Brock Lesnar reportedly pushed for longer feud with Goldberg

Wrestling is a weird business. So weird that a man whose brand is built on the fact he’s an unbeatable freak of nature may have gone to his boss and asked to get his butt kicked by a 49 year old man.

We’ll probably never know exactly of what the conversations which led to Goldberg becoming only the second man to twice beat Brock Lesnar clean in singles matches on WWE pay-per-view (PPV) consisted. But on the post-Survivor Series edition of Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended), Dave Meltzer says Lesnar pushed for the multi-match contract Goldberg apparently signed some time in the past week, and the 86 second beating which occurred last night (Nov. 19) in Toronto was put together to make the WCW legend look as good as possible for future matches against the Beast Incarnate.

Lesnar reportedly wanted more than one date with Goldberg because he sees their rivalry as a big money feud, and Vince McMahon apparently agrees. Once everyone was on the same page with that, and a new deal inked with Goldberg, the decision was made to do the Survivor Series squash. It was apparently done to mirror the kind of matches which got the former NFL lineman over back in his WCW glory days in order to maximize his appeal for the rematch, and not because of any injury he’d suffered, as was rumored last night.

Still no word on when exactly the Goldberg/Lesnar trilogy match will take place. Reports indicate the next appearance from Goldberg will be his second appearance in the Royal Rumble match, so not a one-on-one with Brock.

Stay tuned.

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