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Watch Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar in one minute at Survivor Series 2016

Not a WWE Network subscriber but want to watch the squash match everyone is talking about?

Here you go.

Seeing as the whole thing is only a minute long, there’s really no way WWE could have only released highlights. Well, they do cheat you out of the pin, but you can imagine that, right (and you can get it for only $9.99)?

So if you were wondering, “was it really just four moves?” or “did they really just beat Brock Lesnar clean as a sheet?” or “are you sure it was THAT Bill Goldberg... the 49 year old who said he got hurt doing one move on Raw and didn’t train in a wrestling ring until a couple weeks ago?” now you can see it for yourself.

You’ll probably still wonder those things, but... you can wonder them while watching Goldberg Spear-Spear-Jackhammer the Beast Incarnate.

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