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WWE Survivor Series 2016 results: Cesaro & Sheamus team up to put Raw up 2 - 0 in elimination tags

WWE had three hours of pay-per-view (PPV) left to fill when it came time for the tag team traditional Survivor Series match, so they sent out Enzo Amore & Big Cass, mics in hand.

And when they were done making cheap pop references to Drake and Tim Hortons, they sent out New Day for another Team Raw pep-talk.

SmackDown’s group entered without as much fanfare, and were the first squad to have a team eliminated when Breezango left unceremoniously. Shockingly, the long-reigning tag champs followed immediately afterwards as the Usos pinned Kofi Kingston to remove the New Day from the proceedings.

The Club worked over the Hype Bros, and hit a Magic Killer on Zack Ryder to give Raw a one team advantage. American Alpha got a chance to show off for a while after that, and took out the Shining Stars with an elevated bulldog to tie this up and trigger a six-team brawl.

Crazy, crowd-pleasing spots followed, including Heath Slater’s stage dive and a Giant Swing from Cesaro. When the dust cleared, another Magic Killer led to a pin of Jason Jordan.

Slater cleaned house, but fell victim to being outnumbered. But in-fighting from Team Raw let Rhyno get the tag, Gore-ing Luke Gallows to get rid of The Club. Zo & Cass retaliated, hitting Boom-Shaka-Lacka to eliminate Team Blue’s champs, but it was then that the Usos reappeared to get rid of the Realest Guys.

It came down to reluctant tag partners Cesaro & Sheamus vs. twin brothers the Usos. The action was fast and furious with numerous nearfalls and good teamwork from both sides. The end came when Cesaro fought through a Tequila Sunrise, reversing it into a Sharpshooter. Sheamus thwarted an attempt to break it up with a Brogue Kick, and Raw’s ensured an advantage on the night, at least in elimination tags.

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