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Mickie James talks about her WWE comeback, Johnny Gargano & Tommasa Ciampa love each other & more in emotional NXT TakeOver: Toronto videos

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NXT caught up with most of the players from Nov. 19’s TakeOver: Toronto event in backstage interviews following the show at Air Canada Centre and there was plenty of emotion - and a few hints of what might be coming next.

And you can see them all, in addition to match highlights from what was an all-around really good night of wrestling, in our playlist of YouTube clips WWE released for the event.

- Bobby Roode’s Glorious entrance
- Tye Dillinger vs. Bobby Roode
- Dillinger reflects emotionally on his loss
- Roode asks if you felt the gloriousness
- Paul Ellering is lifted in the ominous Crash Cage
- TM-61 vs. the Authors of Pain
- Ellering & AoP prepare for their next chapter
- #DIY vs. the Revival
- #DIY talk proving their critics wrong
- Mickie James gets ready for her return
- Mickie’s entrance
- Asuka’s entrance
- Asuka vs. Mickie James
- Mickie reflects on her loss
- Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe
- Nakamura needs time to himself
- Samoa Joe will never stop

For a full rundown of the show, check out the live blog here. For a recap & review, head here.