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WWE Survivor Series 2016 preview: Raw vs. SmackDown women’s elimination match

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Team Raw (Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jax, & Alicia Fox) vs. Team Smackdown (Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, & Carmella)

Survivor Series elimination tag match

Outside some fantasy warfare that just got real, Survivor Series a show centered around the Shane McMahon vs. Stephanie McMahon SmackDown vs. Raw matches. One of those matches will feature the women from both brands fighting to prove superiority over the other.

Much like with the men’s match and the tag match, these are teams made up of enemies as well as friends. There’s plenty of history between members of the time. Given that, a major key to winning will be the ability to get along better than the other team does.

Let’s take a look at the make up of both teams and see where problems may arise.

Team Raw

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte is the current Raw Women’s champion, which puts her as the most likely person to captain this team. Her in ring resume is certainly impressive, holding the Women’s Title thrice (the first reign including the end of the Diva’s title) and being undefeated on single’s matches on PPV.

The biggest problem with the Queen as captain is this self proclaimed team leader doesn’t really have any friends on the team. At best, she’s indifferent to Nia Jax and Alicia Fox. She doesn’t care for Bayley and thinks the Hugster is a joke. But no one on the team has as much history with the Queen as Sasha Banks. Banks is the only woman who has been able to defeat Charlotte for her Women’s title and she’s done it twice. It was only a month ago that they competed in a brutal Hell in a Cell match where Flair regained her title.

Sasha Banks

The Boss is full of fire, which will help fuel the Raw team against Team Blue. She's a two time Women’s champion, but her reigns only culminate to about two months as opposed to Charlotte’s reigns, which is at about a year.

Banks has had injury worries lately, missing time after SummerSlam after a brutal match with Charlotte that lead to back problems and then taking some major punishment in Hell in a Cell. If she’s not 100%, that could leave team Raw a disadvantage.


Bayley is the most recent call up to Raw, but she has quite the NXT resume. She earned victories over Banks, Charlotte, and Nia Jax while in NXT. Bayley has actually picked up a win over the champ since debuting on Raw. Most recently; however, she took a loss to her fellow team member Nia Jax.

Bayley and Sasha are currently friends and may be the only two people who actually like each other on the team. The Hugger is a beacon of positivity and will not only be an asset in the ring but she could be the one who tries to hold the team together.

Nia Jax

Nia is Raw’s ace in the hole. She hasn’t been defeated on the main roster and has collected wins over Alicia Fox and Bayley. There’s not one person on the SmackDown team that can match the power of Nia Jax and she could be the major key to a Raw victory.

Alicia Fox

Foxy is the veteran on the team. The rest of the team debuted summer of last year or sooner. Alicia has been around much longer than that. She’s held the Diva’s championship and is extremely capable in the ring. Alicia has had issues with Nia Jax. Fox hit Jax in the face with a box and then Jax beat her up in a match. Outside that, she is rather neutral to the rest of the team.

Foxy has been known to have a short fuse, but perhaps that predictability could come in handle during this battle.

Dana Brooke

Dana is not on the team. But she is posing for pictures with them and made the trip to SmackDown for the invasion last week, so she’ll likely be lurking at ringside. She’ll get involved wherever she can.

Team SmackDown

Nikki Bella

Nikki is the captain of the team. As resumes go, she was the longest reigning Diva’s champ so she knows how to get the job done when need be. She has recently returned from a career threatening neck injury but that has not looked to slow her in the ring.

She’s involved in a major grudge feud with Carmella and those issues could pose a problem when it comes to cohesion tonight.

Becky Lynch

The Lass Kicker is the current SmackDown’s women’s champion. She’s a traveled veteran and has the most heart on the team.

She’s currently embroiled in an issue with Alexa Bliss, who she recently defeated to retain her Women’s title (though the issues are more on the side of Bliss than Lynch). Becky Lynch may be the toughest member on the team to eliminate.

Alexa Bliss

Bliss is a new comer to the main roster and is currently more concerned with her desires for the title than the pride of Team Blue. She had her foot on the ropes when Becky Lynch defeated her in a title match and since then she’s been screaming conspiracy. The spitfire Bliss could be a major asset, but there’s just as much chance she’s going to bail because she feels the SmackDown brass isn’t giving her a fair shake.


Also a new comer to the main roster and she too has personal issues with a teammate that may override any loyalty to the team. She’s had it out for Nikki Bella since Nikki returned from her injury. The Princess of Staten Island is also a risk to allow her personal grudges affect her willingness to help the team.


Naomi is perhaps the most athletic member of the roster and also isn’t carrying any issues with any of the members. While she’s fought against the heels of the roster, there’s no deep personal problems that threaten the team.

Coach Natalya

In a baffling management decision, Daniel Bryan pitted Nattie against Nikki weeks back. The winner would get to be team captain. The loser wouldn’t be on the team at all. This left Natalya, the most experience woman on the SmackDown roster, off the team and relegated to the coaches role. This could end up being a grave error, especially if someone like Alexa or Carmella end up bailing on the team. Nattie would have made sense to compete in lieu of either newcomer given experience and the risk those two pose.

These two teams went face to face on Tuesday when Team Raw invaded SmackDown. Both teams were able to work together briefly and the blue brand held their home turf.

That aside, it looks like Team SmackDown has more cracks in it. Carmella has a major problem with the team captain and Alexa has a major problem with Becky and thinks the brand she’s representing is screwing her.

While Sasha Banks and Charlotte have had issues, asides from some bickering, that teams seems to be getting along. Plus Raw has Nia Jax, someone that SmackDown doesn’t have an obvious answer to.

Tonight, we’ll see who is the last team standing and who are the sole survivors. Will we get to see the Raw champion and SmackDown champion face to face? Will the final four women all be Horsewomen?

There are a lot of was this can go. We’ll find out tonight at Survivor Series which airs at 7 EST on the WWE Network.