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Viejas heridas (a Lucha Underground preview)

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While we wonder what might be inhabiting the sizeable body of either Texano or Cage in a few weeks time when Dario Cueto’s worst unique opportunity yet leaves them possessed by whatever Councilman Delgado worships, we can get ready for another spin on the Wheel of Doom. Who will end up with a chance at ending Matanza’s run with Lucha Underground championship?

One person who doesn’t have to wait any more is Johnny Mundo, aka the new Gift of the Gods champion. Are he and his Worldwide Underground cohorts on the same page now that Johnny has what he wants?

And tonight’s marquee attraction will be the blow off of an old feud. It’s not gonna be as good as that other time Rey Mysterio faces a Guerrero near Halloween, but Chavo Classic vs. Rey should be fun - especially with the loser heading out of the Temple.

Then we can get on to the next big blow-off... the latest Mil Muertes casket match against old rival Prince Puma. While we’re waiting for that, we might get some midcard revenge. Son of Havoc is out of his mom’s basement and coming for Famous B, starting with his Ultima Lucha Dos nemesis, Dr. Wagner, Jr.

What else will LU have in store for us?

Find out at 8PM Eastern tonight, True Believers!

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