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Lucha Underground results, live blog (Nov. 2, 2016): Loser leaves Lucha

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Here's a place to check results and comment along with the latest airing of Lucha Underground in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on El Rey Network.

Here, we’ll keep you up on of all the happenings in Boyle Heights here while the show airs. Later, you’ll get a regular reactions post. In addition to a way for folks to keep up, this space is for you to rave and/or bitch about whatever goes down on the hottest new concept to hit pro wrestling in ages - during its initial broadcast!

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Alright, folks, let's Lucha!

Dario opens with his Dial of Doom to find an opponent for his brother for tonight, despite Matanza defending his title in Azteca Warfare in two weeks.

And around we go, where we stop no one knows... Dario's choice. Interesting.

Oh shoot, it's Cortez Castro. This is more punishment from Dario since he knows his secret.

Cortez Castro vs. Matanza (c) for the Lucha Underground title

Castro comes with his left arm in a cast. He has a kendo stick in his good hand but he tossed it aside before getting in the ring so I don't know the point of it.

This starts with the champ stomping on Castro's broken arm. Then he rips the cast apart. On the outside, Dario is instructing his brother to break the arm again.

However, Castro hits a drop toe hold and then starts using the cast on the head of the champ. That is a very short lived offense though as it's soon the Wrath of the Gods that ends the match.

Matanza def. Castro


Back in Dario's office, he and Joey Ryan are laughing about what happened to Castro. Havoc walks in with Mascarita Sagrada and asks for a match for Mascarita against Famous B. Dario says that if Havok can defeat Dr. Wagner tonight. If he wins, Mascarita will get the match and get to pick the stip. If Wagner wins, the match happens but Famous B picks the stip.

Prince Puma/Mil Muertes segment

Prince Puma is in the ring with the microphone. He says that beating Mil Muertes a couple weeks ago wasn't enough given what Mil did to Konnan. So he challenges him to Grave Consequences!!

Catrina appears at the top of the stairs and gladly accepts the match. Muertes then slides into the ring behind Puma wearing a suit and starts taking it to Puma. This turns into a brawl Mil goes for the Flat Liner but Puma fights out and beats Muertes out of the ring.


Dr. Wagner Jr. (w/Famous B) vs. Son of Havoc (w/Mascarita Sagrada)

It's Havok with control early thanks to a series of suicide dives. Back in the ring, after sustaining some punishment for awhile, Wagner hits a clothesline and powerbomb to gain control. While the ref is distracted, Famous B gets some cheap shots. Mascarita tries to stop him and gets tossed aside for his troubles.

Havok sustains some punishment but fights back. Havok goes to the top but Wagner meets him. Havoc fights the Doctor off and hits the shooting star press! 1-2-3!

Son of Havoc def. Dr. Wagner Jr.

The winners choose their stip... and it's a Believer's Backlash Match! And any weapon is is legal! The match will take place next week.


There's another White Rabbit teaser.

They announce Grave Consequences is next week!

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chavo Guerrero in a Loser Leaves Lucha match

Chavo has some early control as the fans chant "Lucha Legends" at both men. Chavo's father is sitting ring side and Rey rana's Chavo Jr into him!

Rey follows up with some punches in the corner of the ring and a baseball slide to Chavo's left knee. Soon, Chavo is able to use Rey's momentum and face plant him. He starts working some uppercuts. Now Chavo stars working the left knee of Rey.

Mysterio gets a bit of offense but when he goes for a spring board body block, he's bet with a drop kick and Chavo goes back to work on the left leg of Rey. Mysterio is able to execute a sunset flip powerbomb while he's on the top rope when evens the score.

This turns to blows in the middle of the ring and a run of offense from Rey earning him a couple of near falls. However when he goes for a possible DDT, Chavo turns it into a back breaker. Chavo follows up with the Three Amigos. But Rey then lands a head scissors and puts Chavo in the 619 position.

But here comes Chavo Classic with a chair! He hits Chavo! DQ! That means Rey loses and is out! No!

Rey must leave the Temple... wait! Here's Dario! He's pissed that Marty Elias called a DQ. Match restarted with a no DQ stip!


Drop toe holds to both Guerreros! Double 619! But Rey goes to the top to hit Chavo but he turns it into a single leg Boston Crab on the bad leg! Rey is too far from the ropes! He crawls... gets it!

Chavo pulls him back with the hold still on! Rey uses his good leg to fight out of it but his knee is in a bad way. Chavo goes for another Three Amigos. Only goes for two and then a Gory Special! 1-2-kick out!

Chavo hits a sunset powerbomb but Rey rolls through and kicks him in the face. Chavo Classic is stirring on the outside. Both men are slow to get up... rana from Rey! 619! Splash! 1-2-3! Rey wins!

Mysterio def. Chavo

Chavo must leave the Temple forever.


Great stuff from that main event. See you next week for Grave Consequences!

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