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NXT TakeOver Toronto results: DIY do top guy things and win the NXT tag titles from the Revival

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The NXT tag champions the Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) defended their titles once again against Team DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) tongith (Nov. 19, 2016) in the Air Canada Centre at TakeOver: Toronto. These two teams had a superb tag team match at TakeOver: Brooklyn that saw the Revival retain.

The Revival continued to have problems with DIY. They were slated to meet up in the Dusty Classic but an injury to Scott Dawson forced them to withdraw. However, they made sure their rivals weren’t going to the finals either when they attacked Gargano and Ciampa during their semi-final match, leading to DIY’s loss. Due to that interference, General Manager William Regal ordered a 2 out of 3 fall match for the NXT titles. Would it live up to their Brooklyn match?


The first fall came rather quickly. In about five minutes, the Revival got Johnny Gargano in their corner, used the numbers, and delivered the Shatter Machine to pick up the early advantage.

This left Gargano reeling. And when the Revival smell blood in the water, they attack. They employed double teams, took advantage of 5 counts, and cut the ring in half to continue to punish Johnny Wrestling. It looked like he got the tag to his partner a couple times but due to tricks from the champs, the ref didn’t see it and Gargano was let to take more of a beating.

The Sicilian Psychopath finally got the tag. He unleashed havoc on the Revival until his partner was healthy enough to deliver stereo knees to the head to Scott Dawson to even the score.

The final portion of the match started with Ciampa and Wilder trading blows as Gargano took time to recover from his beating earlier. However, he found himself back in the lions den after Ciampa got tossed into the ring post.

He held his own to the point Dash Wilder went and got one of the tag titles to get to his partner. When Johnny Wrestling tried to deliver a knee to the face, Dawson blocked with the title, injuring Johnny’s right leg. Of course, he immediately locked in a leg lock to the injured leg, the move that submitted Gargano in Brooklyn. This time, Johnny fought through the pain this time and grabs the rope to break the hold.

The Revival got cocky and tried to deliver DIY’s double knee finisher to Johnny, but Gargano moved and the Revival nailed each other. Turnabout being fair play, DIY hit the Shatter Machine to Dash and Dawson needed to save his partner from defeat.

Johnny Gargano and Dash Wilder found themselves back in the ring trading pinfall attempt after pinfall attempt. From a pinfall attempt, Gargano was able to lock in his submission. As Dawson ran into break it up, Ciampa caught him with a submission of his own. Both tag champ were forced to tap, capping off another incredible bout between these two teams.

New top guys!

You can find all the results of NXT TakeOver: Toronto here.

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