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WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto results - Authors of Pain defeat TM-61 to capture Dusty Rhodes Cup

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With two tag matches on the card, NXT placed the Dusty Rhodes Classic finals as the second bout of TakeOver: Toronto.

After a hot opener, the crowd was a little subdued for the entrances of Authors of Pain and TM-61 (which, to be fair, is something that happens to these teams somewhat regularly). They also needed to take a few minutes to lock up the Authors’ manager, Paul Ellering, and lift his crash cage above the ring, as General Manager William Regal order to ensure there’d be no interference - and add a little spice to the match-up.

To liven things up, the teams went to a high spot early. Rezar of AoP climbed the structure supporting Ellering’s cage with Shane Thorne of TM-61 on his shoulders. Thorne fought him off and launched himself on the men below.

From there, it was a lot of Akam & Rezar working over Thorne, until he finally reached his partner for the hot tag. Nick Miller cleaned house, including with a couple impressive feats of strength on the larger men, and a nice looking moonsault.

Ellering found a way to get involved, dropping a chain to Rezar from above. That didn’t end up playing much of a factor, as when he attempted to use it on Thorne it flew dangerously into the crowd. After that, the match ended somewhat abruptly with the Last Chapter, AoP’s finisher.

Regal, Triple H and Dustin Runnels came out to present the Dusty Cup to the second team to win it, joining last year’s tourney champs, Finn Balor & Samoa Joe.

For a complete rundown of the show with all of the match results, head over to the live blog here.