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WWE Survivor Series 2016: Kalisto vs. Brian Kendrick full match preview

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Cruiserweight championship match

WWE is looking to change the fortunes of an entire group of wrestlers when the reigning Cruiserweight champ tries to keep his title for himself, and the division on Raw, in Toronto on Sunday night.

The Road to Survivor Series

Brian Kendrick culminated a journey he began over the Summer in the Cruiserweight Classic (CWC) when he captured the title at Hell in a Cell. It wasn’t exactly a storybook ending, either, since Kendrick followed up an earlier request refused by TJ Perkins to throw the match by pretending to hurt his knee in order to lure Perkins into his submission finisher.

The next night on Raw, TJP was thwarted again when Kendrick took a countout loss in their rematch.

In addition to that, Kendrick’s also lost to Rich Swann a lot, so he doesn’t exactly head into Survivor Series looking dominant.

Over on SmackDown, Kalisto returned to get revenge on the man who injured him in kayfabe, Baron Corbin.

That opened up a spot on the big elimination tag between Raw and SmackDown which ended up being taken by Shane McMahon. But it also raised Kalisto’s profile, and ended up earning him a chance to represent Team Blue in a big way.

What's at stake?

After Dolph Ziggler threw down a challenge for the Raw roster to come and get his Intercontinental title (one he won’t even be involved in, as it turns out, but that’s for another preview...) Daniel Bryan goaded Mick Foley into putting something on the line for Monday nights. Foley decided to one-up his Tuesday night rivals, and wagered more than just one championship - he put the whole cruiserweight division on the line for a match between its titleholder and Kalisto.

There are a lot of things which never made a lot of sense about the cruiserweights on the main roster, among them the fact Kalisto wasn’t in the division. Reuniting the luchador with his weight class is just one of many signs pointing to a win for the blue brand in this contest. Among the biggest is the logistical fact that 205 Live, the WWE Network show focused on the division, will be filming immediately following SmackDown each Tuesday night beginning on Nov. 29.

But Raw still has an extra hour it needs to fill, and Kendrick has proven he’s willing to go unconventional routes to defy the odds. And nothing WWE has done with the cruisers since the CWC ended has made much sense anyway.

Will the outcome of this match, and the fate of the division, break that pattern?

Hang out with us here at cSs on Sunday, Nov. 20th to find out!