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WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto results, live streaming match coverage: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe

WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto is all set to pop off tonight (Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016) at 8 p.m. ET, live on WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT TakeOver: Toronto below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show kicks off Survivor Series weekend for WWE from Toronto's Air Canada Centre, and it's offering up a card that has wrestling fans all are hoping will NXT’s string of great live events going.

The main event is a rematch that’s only gotten hotter since round one of the battle between two giants. Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura are fighting over the NXT championship, but they also really want to hurt each other.

In the Women's championship picture, Asuka’s domination of the division forced General Manager William Regal to bring in a face from WWE’s past - former main roster titleholder Mickie James. The tag division will be well represented, as the belts are on the line as The Revival and #DIY try to up the ante on their classic from Brooklyn in a two-out-of-three falls affair, while TM-61 and Paul Ellering’s Authors of Pain square off in the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Rounding that out is personal fight between two native sons, as Tye Dillinger tries for the biggest win of his career when he tries to get revenge on Bobby Roode for turning his back on him in the tag tournament.

While you're waiting for the show to begin, dig into our predictions - as well as previews for the men's, women's & tag championship matches, plus the Dusty finals and Dillinger/Roode!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!



Bobby Roode def. Tye Dillinger

Authors of Pain def. TM-61

Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa def. the Revival

Asuka def. Mickie James

Samoa Joe def. Shinsuke Nakamura


How does it feel on your own? Bound by the world all alone, crushed under heavy skies while I sit here and liveblog this here pro wrestling show.

Show opens with a video package covering some of the great wrestlers from and moments that happened in Toronto before shifting to building up tonight’s matches.

Right into the entrances from there, with Bobby Roode sung to the ring by a choir.

Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger

Roode circles as the crowd chants, hesitant to make the first move. He finally taunts and Dillinger hauls off with a right hand. They slug it out, punch-for-punch, until Dillinger shoots Roode off and clotheslines him to the outside. Tye throws him right back in and clotheslines him out the other side!

Bobby rolls back up the ramp and the Perfect 10 follows, chopping away. Roode gets the upper hand again by the ring but ends up whipped into the barricade and back body dropped for his trouble. Dillinger sends him back in the ring and the Glorious one begs off. Kicks to the chest and stomps to the hand and Tye is feeling it, signalling his perfection.

Dillinger chops Roode to the mat and sets him up for mounted punches in the corner. Whip across, Roode back drops the Perfect 10 to the outside and takes a breather. Moments later he follows and clobbers Tye from behind and presses him right into the barricade. Overhead elbow with Dillinger set up on the apron, then his face slammed into the hardest part of the ring.

Back in the ring, Roode puts boots to Dillinger in the corner, stomping and choking. Hard chops follow, whip across, corner lariat, a loose one-handed mare and Roode goes to the second to taunt. Off the turnbuckle with a clubbing forearm before disdainfully stepping at Tye’s head and , setting him up for a neckbreaker but Dillinger reverses with a backslide!

Hammer whip, Roode’s neckbreaker connects this time for two. Stomps to the neck and face as Roode mocks the ten fingers. A Glorious knee drop and a rake of the bootlaces across Tye’s perfect face before Bobby goes for the mounted punches himself. Tye counters with a Manhattan Drop that leaves Roode in agony and fires up.

Roode charges in and Dillinger catches him with chops and a lariat, high knee, short-arm lariat, his neck is hurting but he’s charging away! Stomps in the corner, Roode is flagging and Dillinger drops the knee pad. Roode bails and Tye goes after him only to eat a spinning spinebuster once he gets him in the ring.

Struggle in the corner, Roode looking for a superplex and getting it! Not enough! Bobby Roode smiles over Dillinger’s prone body and takes his knee pad down, doing the 10 fingers. Looking for the Tye Breaker, Tye slips out, superkick, but Roode grabs a roll-up. His feet are on the ropes and he has it won but referee Danilo Anfibio sees his cheating!

Superkick from Dillinger gets a tight nearfall and both men lie on the mat. Back to their feet, they slug it out with punches, Dillinger wins the exchange and goes for his finish but Roode slips out looking for the DDT. Tye slips out, the Sharpshooter is in! Bobby crawling for the ropes and gets them, forcing the break.

Small packages exchanged for two, Tye charges in but eats turnbuckle and then gets thrown into the ringpost shoulder-first. Roode locks the front facelock on...

Bobby Roode wins by pinfall with the implant DDT.

Tye Dillinger soaks in the crowd cheering him on even in defeat.

We cut backstage where Asuka is warming up for her title defense later in the night.

The Dusty Classic finals are up next, so it’s video package time.

Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) vs. TM-61 (Nick Miller & Shane Thorne) (2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals)

Akam starting against Miller, they get right to it. Miller with a bit of a lead but he keeps trying and failing to whip Akam. Tag made, Thorne keeps on the Author and they manage to clothesline him out of the ring! Miller wipes out on a suicide dive and Ellering directs traffic from the cage as Thorne and an Author climb the crane supporting the cage... THORNE WITH A SWANTON OFF THE CRANE!

Miller with overhead elbows, Rezar trips Thorne off the apron. He’s still the legal man and the Authors isolate him, raining blows as Paul Ellering signals them. Diving stomp side slam from the Authors! Grinding Thorne down with a reverse chinlock now, as he tries to free himself Akam tosses him across the ring.

Thorne with a shotgun dropkick, he crawls under the Author and gets the tag! Miller with forearms and slams, an exploder, a back suplex, and sliding elbows keep them on the back foot. Up top for a moonsault, but it only gets two. Thorne in with a leg lariat, TM-61 with tandem mounted punches, Authors go for the powerbomb sandwich and they counter with headscissors takeovers!

Thunder Valley connects but Akam breaks it up. Slingshot splash from Miller to Rezar, Thorne follows with a slingshot senton atomico and Ellering drops a chain from the cage while they’re occupied outside. A loaded fist, Thorne blocks the punch and gets a schoolboy for two, but the Authors clear house...

Authors of Pain win by pinfall with the Last Chapter, winning the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

William Regal, Goldust and Triple H hit the ring to shake hands and congratulate Ellering and the Authors for winning the Dusty. They’re presented the trophy and pose with it.

#DIY make their way backstage and we get the obligatory video package, so that’s the tag titles up next.

#DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa) vs. the Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) (c) (NXT Tag Team Championship Two Out of Three Falls Match)

Gargano and Dawson start, collar and elbow tie-up, jockeying for position Dawson misses an elbow drop and Gargano grabs a crucifix pin for two. Back to the tie-up, Dawson forces Gargano in the corner but breaks dirty, throwing hands. Gargano back with a body blow but Dawson snapmares him.

Tag to Ciampa, everything breaks down for a moment. Ciampa with an arm wringer, Dawson breaks free and wrenches his face. Tag to Wilder, clubbing blows and uppercuts, he tries to slam Ciampa into the turnbuckles and gets reversed. Quick tags now, the Revival working Ciampa over. Wilder trying for a bulldog and Ciampa gets him into the buckles.

Tags all around, Gargano throws Dawson away and runs roughshod on both men, hitting a big leaping neckbreaker on Scott. Back drop to Gargano and a tag, Superman Spear blocked, Shatter Machine connects!

The Revival win the first fall by pinfall with Shatter Machine.

Gargano with a quick schoolboy for two, Dash escapes and tags Dawson. Dawson sets Johnny up on the apron and kicks away before Dash lariats Gargano back in the ring while referee Danilo yells at Dawson. Rope-hung suplex gets two, tag to Wilder and they clobber Gargano in the corner with a flurry of fists.

Drop toehold into an elbow drop gets two, Dawson shifting to a bodyscissors, raking the bones of his forearm across Johnny Wrestling’s face. Gory Special applied but Gargano’s able to fight out. Charge in the corner, Johnny dodges, tornado DDT on Wilder when they go for Shatter Machine! Dash crawled under the ring to try and pull Ciampa away but the tag is made!

Danilo didn’t see it! The Revival clobber Gargano in the corner more and hit him with a Hart Attack! Dash throwing an uppercut, he sets Gargano up top for a back superplex but Johnny counters into a diving crossbody! Tag to Dawson, back elbow, tag to Ciampa! Missile dropkick, Scott is woozy. Corner knee, elbows, Dawson ducks and whips, leaping Fameasser! Only good for two.

Dash tries to interfere and Ciampa chucks him, German suplex on Dawson, and a second, and a third! Running knee strike! Not enough! Back elbow takes Ciampa out and the Revival set up a double team on Gargano but Ciampa comes off the top with a crossbody! Superkick / knee combo connects...

#DIY win by pinfall with the superkick / knee strike combination.

Wilder and Ciampa going forearm-for-forearm now, Ciampa winning and shifting to knee lifts and slaps. Dawson tags in, Ciampa goes after the arm, bridging Fujiwara armbar but Scott reverses. Gargano tags in, enzuigiri, Ciampa drops Dawson with the rope-hung STO. Dawson cuts Ciampa off on a dive with a wicked uppercut. Slingshot DDT from Gargano gets a tight nearfall!

Johnny Wrestling suplexes Dawson back in the ring, looking for an O’Connor roll but Scott blocks it. Tornado DDT reversed into an uppercut-assisted German but Ciampa breaks up the tag! Dawson sends him into the ringpost and then makes the tag. Stiff uppercut gets a forearm and they go slugging with Wilder assisting from the apron. Johnny’s spirit holds and he wins the exchange and gets a small package countering a backslide attempt.

Dash gets a title belt and Ciampa Cactus Clotheslines him outside! Gargano with the roll-through enzuigiri but he kicks the title! The Trailer Hitch is locked on! Johnny Gargano is fighting it, he flags but does not fail and gets the ropes! Wilder tags in and they signal for #DIY’s finish but the superkick connects with Dawson! SHATTER MACHINE ON WILDER! DAWSON BREAKS IT UP!

Dawson fakes out on the mat like he’s hurt and tries to steal the win, rolling Gargano up with a handful of tights but the ref reminds him he’s not legal. Dash in with the chop block, but Gargano fights it, trading fast pins. Gargano Escape! Ciampa cuts Dawson off and locks the bridging Fujiwara on! The Revival are fighting as hard as they can, Dash even biting Gargano’s arm to stem the pain, but...

#DIY win by submission with Gargano Escape from Gargano on Dash Wilder, becoming the NEW NXT Tag Team Champions!

Gargano and Ciampa celebrate with the titles and the crowd as Dash and Dawson head back up the ramp, dejected.

We get a trailer for Incarnate and then Jim Ross is shown in the front row of the arena.

A video package for the Women’s Championship match follows.

Asuka (c) vs. Mickie James (NXT Women's Championship)

Circling, Asuka feints a kick and Mickie a slap before they lock up. Asuka pushes Mickie in the corner and gets pushed away. They roll, keeping the tie-up in, until it becomes clear that neither is getting a lead and they break. Forehead-to-forehead, they jaw at each other before going back to the lockup.

Mickie shifts to a side headlock, they jockey for position and Asuka ends up with wrist control. Mickie flips out of it, snapmare, sliding kick to the chest and Asuka bails! Mickie sits on the ropes to welcome her back in, and Asuka graciously takes the invitation. Circling again, back to the lockup, Mickie with a wristlock to a hammerlock, Asuka reverses, Mickie snapmares but Asuka holds her hammerlock through that and another roll.

Mickie with a fireman’s carry takeover into an armbar, Asuka reverses to a headscissors, Mickie flips out and they trade kicks. Off the ropes, Asuka nails the hip attack and Mickie ends up outside. Asuka offers her safe passage this time but hip attacks her a second time. A third off the apron misses and Mickie lands a kick into a headscissors takeover on the outside.

Forearms and a solebutt but Asuka catches the boot into an ankle lock before throwing a leg-trap German suplex, leaving Mickie lying on the outside. Back in the ring, Asuka hits a corner dropkick for two and goes to mounted punches. Mickie shoves her away for separation but Asuka’s right back on her with an octopus in the ropes. Referee Drake Wuertz counts her and she breaks off, looking for another hip attack but James dodges.

Mickie eats a number of stiff kicks but catches one into a half crab, sitting down hard on the champion! Shifting to a Muta Lock but Asuka gets the ropes. Slugging it out on their knees, when they get to their feet Mickie slams Asuka into the turnbuckles. Forearms-for-slaps, Mickie sends Asuka back with a hard one and Asuka fires up.

Mickie ducks a lariat and hits a neckbreaker. Running clotheslines and back elbows, a whip, Asuka looking for a dropkick but Mickie ducks, flapjack into a kip-up, diving senton... NOT ENOUGH! Kick to the gut, DDT attempt, Asuka counters with a rolling armbar, Mickie gets a foot on the ropes! A boot from the mat gains some separation, Mick Kick!

Asuka’s foot is on the ropes! A second cover in the middle of the ring comes up equally empty, looking for the DDT again but Asuka slips away, Asuka Lock attempted, Mickie rolls away and into a pin but Asuka keeps the hold and locks it tighter...

Asuka wins by submission with the Asuka Lock, retaining the NXT Women’s Championship.

An ad for WWE 2K17 follows.

In the arena, Pat Patterson is shown in the front row. Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe are shown walking backstage, and then we’re on to the video package.

Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (c) (NXT Championship)

Nakamura with kicks out the gate, Joe firing back in turn. Joe gets a bit of an advantage but Nakamura comes back, leaving them locked up in the ropes and forced to break. Nakamura with the wiggle but Joe lets some knees loose. Snapmare into a kneedrop from the champion before he goes for Good Vibrations and kicks Joe out of the ring.

Joe plays possum on the barricade and chops Shinsuke before the champion sends him into the barricade and boots him over. They fight into the crowd, trading forearms and a knee but Shinsuke gets back and tosses Joe back into the aisle and then the ring. clobbering Joe in the corner, a whip is reversed and Joe cracks off an enzuigiri in the corner.

Choking the champion against the turnbuckle and scraping his boot across his face, Nakamura gets up before the facewash and sends hammering knees after Joe on the mat. Corner knee, Joe gets a boot up, Shinsuke charges back in, huge corner Rock Bottom! Right hands from the champ but Joe bowls him over and throws low kicks into a senton.

Sitout shinbreaker takes Nakamura’s knees into the mat and Joe prowls, firing low kicks and transitioning to a kneebar. Nakamura barely fights out and Joe throws another kick and draws him to his feet for an overhead elbow and another kick. Back to the leg with an Achilles lock, wrenching back but the champion is able to kick himself out of it.

Joe chucks Nakamura out of the ring... SUICIDE DIVE! Joe sets the steps up, looking for an exploder but Nakamura fights out of it and Joe levels him again. Back in the ring at the last moment and Joe throws punishing forearms. Nakamura back with a spinning wheel kick and both men are equal on the mat.

Jumping single-leg dropkick and knee lifts from Shinsuke, left roundhouse, another kick and the corner turnbuckle knee lift! More knees to the ribs, front chancery locked on, Joe fights out, Manhattan Drop, running senton... not enough! Powerbomb to the over-the-knees crab to the STF to an arm-trap crossface, wrenching back but Nakamura gets out.

Champion looking for the armbar, Joe gets away, snap powerslam! Another corner enzuigiri sends Nakamura to the apron but he nails Joe with a kick from the apron and then a running knee lift over the apron. Up top goes Nakamura, KINSHASA! He can’t capitalize and they end up slugging it out, hand and foot, tooth and nail.

Shinsuke wins, looking for the inverted exploder but Joe blocks, looking for a straight suplex, Nakamura slips away and hits a German suplex! Kinshasa in the corner but Joe ducks and takes Nakamura’s legs out again, cannonballing through them! Sets the champ up top, Muscle Buster attempt but the champion gets out and hits Kinshasa... JOE KICKED OUT!

Joe is out on his knees, Nakamura fired up, Joe ducks the knee and locks the Coquina Clutch in! Shinsuke fights to his feet and sends Joe into the corner but he keeps the hold on, shifting to a waistlock for a German suplex on the second try, then a Dragon suplex, straitjacket German suplex! Not enough!

Samoa Joe is busted open and lets loose a primal roar, dragging Nakamura to his feet and going for a lariat but the champion ducks. Kinshasa to the back of the head sends Joe outside! Nakamura out, lying in wait, he runs in and Joe kicks him low! Rock Bottom on the steps! He sets Nakamura up top...

Samoa Joe wins by pinfall with the Muscle Buster, regaining the NXT Championship!

Joe celebrates with the title over Nakamura, prone on the mat.

That’s the show, folks.

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