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CM Punk shoots down WWE comeback talk with a shot at President-elect Donald Trump

CM Punk

Love him or hate him, CM Punk has been very clear on where his relationship stands with WWE. There isn’t one - outside of an ongoing lawsuit against him the company is said to be bankrolling - and he has no plans to change that. Ever.

Still, the questions aren’t likely to stop coming. So when a Twitter user asked him about a “rumor” that he would be back for WrestleMania 33, Punk decided to squash it with a little mockery that also poked fun at President-elect Donald Trump:

For context, Trump Tweeted last night that, as a result of his efforts, Ford would not move a factory from Kentucky to Mexico. While the auto maker confirmed they’d changed plans to move production of one model of car, the Lincoln MKC, from Louisville to an undisclosed plant somewhere else, they never specified Mexico and never intended to shutter the Kentucky facility all together - just use it for producing a different model.

But if the WWE Hall of Famer can take credit for that, Punk can take credit for the success of WrestleMania 33, right?

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