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WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto full match preview - Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger

Singles match

Tye Dillinger vs. Bobby Roode

Two of Canada’s favorite sons (at least among professional wrestlers who currently reside in Orlando, Florida) will attempt to solve their issues by beating each other up.

The Road to TakeOver

Despite the best efforts of all involved, NXT fans didn’t want to boo Tye Dillinger. Full Sail embraced his “Perfect Ten” schtick despite it being arrogant heel 101, so the powers-that-be went with it, even incorporating Dillinger’s career history as a guy who washed out of the WWE version of ECW back in the Aughts.

So it made perfect sense he would do anything to win the tournament named after his, and many others who’ve been at in WWE Developmental for the last several years, mentor, Dusty Rhodes - even trusting a guy with a history of burning teammates and only looking out for himself like Bobby Roode.

The duo (Glorious 10? Perfectly Glorious?) even had a goofy sort of chemistry, and you had to wonder if NXT might not turn Roode the same way they’d done Tye, seeing as fans were wild about his theme song, entrance and the memes it inspired.

Alas, Bobby is who we thought he was. Faced with a show of power, and signs of psychosis, from their first round opponent, SAnitY, Roode chose to hightail it out of the arena, leaving Dillinger to take a beating. Tye’s fears were confirmed at the moment his dream of honoring the American Dream by winning the tourney which bears his name was dashed.

The Perfect Ten was pissed, and made it clear to General Manager William Regal how he wanted to deal with his anger.

Roode employed revisionist history, claimed he never wanted to enter the Dusty Classic and only did it out of pity for Dillinger, even though he knew Tye would drag him down. But Regal, always a fan of settling things in the squared circle, signed off on the Perfect 10’s plan. The Glorious One ambushed his rival on the stage to accept the challenge, and everything is set for Toronto.

What's at Stake?

Both men are on an upward trajectory in NXT, and a win could push them closer to the main event. In the case of Roode, that’s pretty much what everyone - including the man himself - expected when he signed with WWE. For Dillinger, that would be the culmination of a long and, at least over the last six months or so - shocking, tale.

We’ll find out who wins this argument when the Canadian boys face off on their native soil in Ontario on Saturday night!

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