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WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto full match preview - #DIY vs. The Revival

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Two-out-of-three falls for the NXT Tag Team Championship

The Revival (c) vs. #DIY

If you’re not excited for this match, I just have one question for you. Have you seen the one from TakeOver: Brooklyn II?

But there’s more...

The Road to TakeOver

Even before their amazing showdown in New York City this past April, these two teams had some history. In fact, Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa seemed to have the self-proclaimed Top Guys number.

And while the team which has just christened itself #DIY came up short in Brooklyn, they had a reasonable excuse. They’d just recently beaten the crap out of one another in the Cruiserweight Classic, and Johnny Wrestling brought a bum knee to TakeOver... and Dash & Dawson are known for taking legs from healthy competitors, let alone already wounded ones.

Regardless, the plucky veterans of the independent scene didn’t want to make excuses, they wanted another shot at the first ever two-time NXT tag champs. Sensing that, and because they’re really, really good villains, The Revival have tried to deter their rivals at every turn.

The Dusty Rhodes Classic Tag Tournament looked like it would both provide a distraction from #DIY’s hunt for the belts, but another thing for the teams to fight over. Ironically, a leg injury to Dawson kept that from happening, as the champs bowed out of a second round showdown with Ciampa & Gargano.

But while we’ll never know if that injury was truly legit, it was definitely a tactic employed by the Top Guys. The Revival may have bowed out of the tourney, but they interfered in the end of #DIY’s semi-final match-up with the Authors of Pain, taking out Gargano on the floor and leaving Tommaso alone to take a beating, and the pin, from Akam & Rezar.

As a result of those actions, General Manager William Regal decided there was no reason to wait to book a rematch of Brooklyn. And to cut down on the risk of heelish corner cutting determine who leaves Canada with the title, he made this one a best two-out-of-three falls match.

What's at Stake?

Who cares?

I mean, obviously, the winners will be tag team champions and that’s nothing at which to scoff. Plus, there are all the usual ramifications which come from winning, or losing, on the show which is still the main roster’s feeder system - whatever you call it.

But if this bout lives up to the standards set by pretty much every performance the two teams in it have given, and the history of two-out-of-three falls matches in NXT (Zayn/Cesaro! Revival/American Alpha!)... trite as it is to say it, we’ll all be winners.

Come sit in slack-jawed awe of great tag team wrestlers with your pals at Cageside Seats tomorrow night!