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Mickie James posts letter in support of Joey Styles

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There’s been a lot of negative repercussions from Joey Styles’ bad night last Friday (Nov. 11). He’s been fired by not only Evolve, the company on whose broadcast he made a Donald Trump reference which angered a lot of people, but also several other promotions with whom he was working.

One person who isn’t angry with him is Mickie James. The woman who will face Asuka this weekend at NXT TakeOver: Toronto penned a letter to Styles, a man she considers to be a friend in addition to a colleague. While she starts and ends by saying she wants Joey to know she loves him despite the controversy, she spends much of the post advocating for the “old school” wrestling business against an “overly sensitive generation”.

James message is embedded below. Here’s the text in full:

Dear Joey Styles,

I want you to know that I love you. In the midst of all this ugliness surrounding you at the moment I think it's important you know that. From me and all your friends who you've helped throughout your career. How so many have forgotten that because they'd prefer to jump on the bandwagon to make themselves relevant is sad to say the least. I've known you for many years & you've always been nothing but respectful & loving to me. I've never seen you be disrespectful to any woman in the business. If anything you've always been so supportive & kind. I thank you for that. It's a shame that a JOKE, whether it be in bad taste or not, has been taken so far out of context. I'm curious as to what the lady involved thought of this whole thing. Because if it had been me, I would've popped because I understand comedic context. Call me old school but had you been a comedian, or an actor in a movie, everyone would've laughed. It's only because everyone is tiptoeing in this politically correct, sponsor endorsed, & way overly sensitive generation that it's been blown way out the water. Last I checked this is the wrestling business. A business where we have cursed, endorsed sexuality to all kinds of extremes, kissed asses, and even murdered on live tv, that a little political joke seems to be the least of offensive things done. I understand we are in a new era but for goodness sake let's not lose our sense of humor, or the sight of why we all fell in love with this business in the 1st place. That is to be a character, that can do and say things they would never do or say in real life. Because it's acting! Also, for all your "Friends" who have jumped on the bandwagon now that you've been "Fired", also a complete joke because you CAN NOT fire an independent contractor, they should be ashamed of themselves. Yes they have a right to their own opinion but we should also remember... people in Glass Houses shouldn't throw stones. That means pretty much everyone in this business as it's one of the dirtiest games ever played. That's my 2 cents... and it's worth exactly what you paid for it... but since everyone else seems to feel so important to throw out their public statements then why not. Lastly, I will say this again... I love you, I respect you, and I respect everything you've done for this business that I adore. This too shall pass...

Always your Friend,

Mickie James-Aldis

Dear Joey Styles, I want you to know that I love you. In the midst of all this ugliness surrounding you at the...

Posted by Mickie James on Tuesday, November 15, 2016