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Vader is really mad Ric Flair used their ‘93 WCW title match to promote his podcast

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Last week, Ric Flair ran a social media promotion to get positive reviews for his podcast. He used the anniversary of his title match at WCW Clash of the Champions 1993 as the focal point of the contest, where he was giving away a signed replica belt.

Seems he picked the wrong match, at least according to the man he beat 23 years ago on Nov 10. Vader’s Twitter handle was tagged in a lot of the fan responses, which prompted this measured, thoughtful response from Big Van...

Several fans asked Vader the question Big Show once famously posed to Kane, “what’s the problem?” The veteran of WWE, WCW, Japan & Mexico responded:

This may be a bit of wrestler etiquette I didn’t know about, but the combination of Flair bragging about a worked win and using it to hype his podcast seems to be the key issues for Vader.

It also sounds like this is bringing up some old issues between he and Naitch:

This exchange probably sums this, and Vader’s frequent online battles with Will Ospreay & others, up... and, hey, at least he’s self aware.