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Evolve 72 live results: Hero/Williams II, Page/Sabre, Thatcher/Gulak VI: Squared Circle of Survival

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Evolve returns tonight at 6:30PM Eastern with Evolve 72 in Queens, New York, courtesy of the fine folks at and If you need a primer on what's going down tonight, feel free to check out my preview here, but be sure to come back to this thread to chat about it with the finest pro wrestling community on the internet while you watch.

Here's a run-down of the card for tonight, and we'll update with basic results here, too:

Matt Riddle over DUSTIN by pinfall with the fisherman buster.

Fred Yehi over Jason Kincaid by submission with the Koji Clutch

Team Pazuzu (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) over Darby Allin & Tony Nese by pinfall with Total Elimination.

"All Ego" Ethan Page over Zack Sabre, Jr. by pinfall with a hammerlock Spinning Dwayne.

"Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams over Chris Hero by submission with the wrenching facelock.

Timothy Thatcher (c) over Drew Gulak by pinfall with a back suplex on the exposed boards of the ring, retaining the Evolve World Championship (Squared Circle of Survival Match)